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Materials used recipe meatball unfortunate : 500gr beef ankle ¼ teaspoon baking soda 1 tablespoon garlic goring 1 ½ tbsp garlic goring 175gr ice cubes 2 tablespoons rock salt 100gr sago peasant flour ¼ tsp Sasa ¼ tsp pepper powder ½ tsp salt Ingredients fried dumplings & gravy : 3 pieces of small white tofu, cut into 2 sides 3 12 pieces of dumpling skin Ingredients of dumplings : 50gr of ground meat ½ tsp Sasa ¼ tsp salt ¼ tsp pepper powder ½ tsp sugar 1 stalk leaves finely sliced 150gr sago flour 1 cloves garlic mashed 110ml ice water Ingredients of meatball sauce : 4 l water 1kg of cow bone 5 leeks, bunch 10 cloves garlic, fried whole cast 5 celery stems, tie ¾ tsp pepper powder ½ tbsp sugar 5 ½ tsp salt Ingredients of meatball sauce : 10 red chili pepper 2 cloves of garlic 10 curly red chilli ¼ spoon of salt How to make a recipe for poor meatballs : I mix the meatballs mixed evenly. Once it is smoothed, use a food processor. After that boiled boiling water. Form the dough of meatballs into ball spheres & put on boiling boiling water. Wait for the floats, lift the meatballs & drain. Make dumpling I stir evenly the ingredients of dumpling & stirring content. After that take 1/3 of dough & fill it into tofu that cut into triangle 3 set aside. For the rest, take the dumpling leather dough & fill the sheet. Do the dough out. Steam dough that is made & filled to the corm, & wait 20 minutes lift. Fry some brownish dumplings. After that lift & drain. Make this meatball sauce step I cook boiling water. After that enter the bone of cow & celery, leeks. Cook broth, lift & strain kaldunya. Cook over low heat. After filtering, cook & add powdered spice powder, sugar & salt. Boiled with a fragrant & mature scent. Meatball you serve set meatballs, tofu, fried dumplings & steamed dumplings doused with gravy & served with sauce & chilli sauce. Poor meatball ready to be served. This poor meatball recipe ribet serving not only using meatballs. There is tofu of contents, steamed dumplings & fried dumplings you make. Takes a long time to make this poor meatball. However, this poor meatball fills your stomach & satisfy your tongue with a delicious taste. The variety of the contents of this poor meatball is of course its own uniqueness. That's why this meatball is typical. Hope you like, & good luck how to make this poor meatball
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