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Title : Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
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I grew up hearing the whistle of the steam escaping my Mom's old 12 quart pressure cooker: fresh veggies and fall-off-the-bone-tender braised meats always on time for lunch, delicious soups for dinner! Review Since I adore cooking, I rarely look for short-cuts and I had forgotten all about pressure cooked foods until having a family myself. Serving a healthy cooked-from-scratch meal every night after work while caring for a little one? Not easy with only 30 to 60 minutes available... This pressure cooker solves a lot of that timing issue and leaves me plenty of time to focus on other tasks. During week nights, I use it mostly for vegetables: you simply put the veggies on the stainless rack (provided with the cooker) or your own steam basket, add about a cup of water, lock the lid in place and start the cooking. The start of the whistle is when you start counting down your time. The booklet accompanying this cooker is far from accurate and you will end up with overcooked veggies if you follow it (soup anyone?) so it may take you a few tries to figure the perfect cooking time. As examples, whole big potatoes are ready within 15 minutes, large broccoli florets in 1 min, trimmed green beans in about 2 min... As soon as you reach your desired cooking time, place the cooker under running cool water to stop the cooking immediately and bring the pressure down. The material of this Presto cooker is thick stainless and I feel comfortable doing that without risking to damage or crack a piece. There is usually little water left at the bottom: my Mom used to drink it once cold saying a lot of minerals were in there (?) but I prefer to reserve it for soups or broth. Clean-up of this cooker is a breeze. My husband does it by hand as a habit but I feel very comfortable putting the various pieces into the dishwasher. There are 4 pieces. The heavy bottom stainless pan does not tend to attach food, even braised meats. The lid receives only steam so is very easy to get clean. I run a scrubby along the black gasket and the steam weight only needs to be wiped. The size is enough for a whole meal for a family of four to six but can also cook small portions (adjusting the time down even more). You can easily cook several pounds of vegetables at once too. Overall, a great buy to get a few minutes of my time back and a very good quality cooker. Highly recommended for your busy kitchen. Hearing my 2 yr-old say "bro'lli, cau'fower!" at the sound of the whistle is great too!
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