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WHEN TO START SOCIAL SECURITY When to start social security for women is based on different factors than men. It’s also a very individual decision based on your circumstances. Your starting age actually depends on a number of different financial and personal factors. Women need a smarter plan to stretch their incomes and benefits through a longer and more expensive retirement. ( We are all aware of the three major starting points to begin Social Security, 62, 66 or 70 years old. We are aware that taking benefits at 62 reduces it about 25% compared to 66. Taking benefits at 70 increases our amount by about 25% compared to 66 years old. Here is an example. 62 years = $1125 / month $13,500 / year 66 years = $1500 $18,000 70 years = $1875 $22,500 When examining these numbers, it’s clear that the best situation is to collect the most on a permanent basis. But, you would receive it for less years. Reasons to start at 62: The primary reason is that you need the money to live on. 1. You’re unemployed and it’s difficult getting hired. 2. You’re working part-time or your income is below $20,000 3. Your health is poor and you are unable to generate much income. 4. You don’t have longevity in you family history. 5. You are trying to minimize your long term taxation. 6. You’re starting an early spousal benefit before switching at 70 The first three examples are based on your current financial need. If your family longevity is short, taking benefits early makes sense. Since Social Security is subject to taxation, taking a lower benefit results in less taxation when combined with your other income. This makes sense if your other incomes are over $20,000. Your combined income for taxation when receiving Social Security is= 1) your AGI or adjusted gross income + 2)non-taxable interest(now taxable) + 3) half of your benefits. Let’s take a look at this example: Adjusted Gross Income $12,000 Tax-exempt interest $ 8,000 Half of Soc. Sec. benefits $ 6,750 This total is $26,750 while your taxes begin at $25,000 if single. So, if you are making $20,000 a year or more, getting more social security will mean more taxation. The days of receiving tax free municipal bond dividends are over. As a spouse, you are entitled to social security at 62 years old even if you never worked. You just have to be married for 10 years at some point and you can be divorced now. You can collect half of his benefits without any loss to him. You simply have your partner apply for social security and suspend his payments until 70. This allows you to receive you spousal benefits at 62 and start your own benefits at 70 when it’s higher. Reasons to start at 70: 1. You are able to work full time with a decent income until 70 2. You need to lock in the highest benefit to maintain your lifestyle 3. You don’t have a big savings or multiple income streams 4. You are healthy and have longevity in your family 5. You want to collect the 8% a year by waiting 6. You will receive a greater cost of living increase Due to the greater longevity and other expenses of women, most should wait until 70 years old to collect benefits. The key reason for most of us to wait is that we haven’t saved enough. Working longer not only increases your income, but also pays more into social security that increases your benefits. Your benefits increase about 8%(past full retirement age) a year by waiting. Many people consider that a good return on your money. The cost of living increase is a percentage, so the larger your benefit, the larger the increase in dollar terms. In conclusion, I believe most people would receive the greatest benefits by waiting until 70 years old to collect. To get maximum benefit, take half of the spousal benefit at 62 and your full benefit at 70. If you fit into one of the reason to start early, then don’t be bashful about taking advantage. But, try to wait as long as possible. L.J. More at:
Menopause Cure
For ages women have been told that menopause is normal and to just accept it. If you are asking me to “just accept” hot flashes, insomnia, getting fat, depression, and loss of my sex drive, that sounds crazy and I’ll never be passive about it. That advice sounds so archaic and dark ages now. The Menopause Cure(1) takes individualized and restorative medicine to a new level. There is nothing new about replacement therapies for age related deficiencies. The key question is it effectiveness and toxicity. They distinguish between bioidentical verses synthetic hormones. Since 1942, women have been given Premarin which is horse estrogen taken from their urine. The problem with this and other synthetic hormones is they leave toxic byproducts in your body. Bioidentical means that natural hormones are identified and matched with your individual hormone profile. A one size fits all model doesn’t work since all blood profiles are unique. In an interview(2), the author discusses how skin related changes occur in menopause. Loss of estrogen makes the skin more wrinkled and thiner with easier bruising and slower healing. Weight gain is another unwanted side effect of menopause. If your insulin is high with low estrogens and poor thyroid performance, you won’t be able to lose weight. The body will not metabolize food correctly so that fat is burned as energy. When your libido or sex drive falls, it can effect your relationship or your motivation to find one. Many retired folks live in isolation and depression as a result. The social and psychological effects can be long lasting and detrimental . For this to be re-balanced, supplements would include progesterone, testosterone as well as estrogens. In conclusion, the final point the author makes is that most chronic and age related illnesses are correlated with hormonal imbalances. It is thought that the aging process can be slowed when optimal levels of hormones, vitamins and minerals are restored. The process involves blood analysis to determine what your individual needs are. So, rather than suffer symptoms, lets go get restored! By Lee Johnson of (1)Davey, J., Dugan, S. “The Menopause Cure” Leicester, UK, Troubadour Publishing Ltd, 2015 (2) Mathena, L. “The Menopause Cure, Hormonal Health” Life Extension Mag, Vol 22, No. 7, July 2016
Traits of a Long and Happy Relationship
Do you want to know the secret of a long and happy relationship? There is an excellent study of adult development that examined people continuously for six to eight decades. This Aging Well(1)study focused on three groups. First is sample of 268 socially advantaged Harvard grads born around 1920. The second group is 456 inner city men born around 1930. The third group is 682 middle-class intellectually gifted women born around 1910. The study involved eight initial in-depth psychiatric interviews to establish a baseline. The follow-up study involved interviews with them, their parents and teachers to get more objective information. Most of subjects were then followed continuously until they passed away. I won’t bore you with all the statistics, but the task of generativity was the best predictor of an enduring and happy marriage in old age. Generativity is basically how involved we have been as parents. We generate and raise our children with a varying degree of involvement. The top four traits from the study for a long and happy marriage are generativity, commitment, tolerance and humor. Generativity is a measure of our caretaker abilities extended into the adult relationship. The skills we use in child rearing certainly include dedicated care-taking, especially when children are young. We make a long-term commitment to our children as a matter of course, and we all know how much tolerance we need when they become adolescents. Humor is a good coping mechanism that helps relieve stress and lighten the intensity of the situation. Good care-taking starts with an attitude of embracing the importance of relationships in general. Those who had a positive and supportive role model from their parents tend to emulate those behaviors when they become parents. But, those who did not develop basic trust with their primary caretaker tend not to be good caretakers themselves. Relationship skills learned in childhood are usually transferred to marriage and other emotional relationships as well. The study may suggest that if your partner was not involved with child-rearing, did not bond in childhood, or is not involved in a care-taking role at work, he may not be involved with the care-taking demands of your relationship going forward. If you do have a partner who wavers on these skills and you want to keep the relationship intact, you might consider adding care-taker development goals. These skills can be learned, of course, as long as there is motivation. If you are single and content to stay that way, you probably want your most reliable friends to have these skills. L. Johnson of (1) Vaillant, G. “Aging Well” New York: Little, Brown & Co. 2002. p.113, 123.
Born Siddhartha Gautama was known as ‘Shakyamuni’ (i.e. ‘Sage of the Shakya Clan’) to his followers. ‘Buddha’ was the title conferred on him when he had attained enlightenment. Literal meaning of the word “Buddha” is “One who is awakened to the truth”. This can be better understood from the following definition by H.P.Blavatsky: Buddha (Sk.) Lit., “The Enlightened”. The highest degree of knowledge. To become a Buddha one has to break through the bondage of sense and personality; to acquire a complete perception of the REAL SELF and learn not to separate it from all other selves; to learn by experience the utter unreality of all phenomena of the visible Kosmos foremost of all; to reach a complete detachment from all that is evanescent and finite, and live while yet on Earth in the immortal and the everlasting alone, in the supreme state of holiness. Shakyamuni was not the only buddha in this world. There were many buddhas before him and also some after him. As he himself declares: “I am not the first Buddha who came upon the earth nor shall I be the last.” (The Gospel of Buddha by Paul Carus, p. 217) Now, what were the exact roles of these Buddhas? Shakyamuni himself answers this question while addressing his disciples thus: “You yourself must make an effort, the Tathagatas (Buddhas) are only preachers. The thoughtful who enter the way are freed from the bondage of Mara (Satan).” (Dhammapada, Sacred Books of the East, Vol.X, p. 67) Therefore, a Buddha is one who invites and teaches people the way to salvation. Now, anyone having knowledge of Abrahamic religion will clearly understand that these buddhas were none other than the holy prophets sent by Almighty God for the welfare of the people. But the question arises whether Shakyamuni Buddha really talked about God, Heaven, Hell, etc. just like other prophets did. There is a famous saying of Shakyamuni: “There is, O Bhikkhus, an unborn, unoriginated, uncreated, unformed. Were there not, O Bhikkhus, this unborn, unoriginated, uncreated, unformed, there would be no escape from the world of the born, originated, created, formed. Since, O Bhikkhus, there is an unborn, unoriginated, uncreated, unformed, therefore is there an escape from the born, originated, created, formed.” (The Udana, translated from the Pali by D.M.Strong, p.112) Now, anyone with a sound mind will at once declare that only and only God is unborn, unoriginated, uncreated, unformed while the rest are His Creations. Thus the above saying of the Buddha can be summed up as: “If you came to know God, you have found deliverance.” In the ‘Tevijja Sutta’ Shakyamuni has claimed to know ‘Brahma’ (God) and the way that leads to union with Him and which can be attained by following the noble eight-fold path. Since the Godhead is greater than man the highest bliss will forever remain a union with the Almighty. To glorify Him God is also referred to as ‘Maha Brahma’ (i.e. ‘Great God’). Shakyamuni has also called God as ‘Amitayus’ and ‘Amitabha’ (i.e. ‘One with eternal life and immeasurable radiance’) Who is in possession of ‘Sukhavati’ (Paradise), the land of ultimate bliss. According to Shakyamuni, if a person has faith in Amitabha and regularly chants His Name and does righteous deeds and at the time of death doesn’t reverses in faith then such a person would go to Sukhavati in the Hereafter. And the evil-doers would go to ‘Naraka’ (Hell) in the Hereafter. As for those who are interested in the concept of rebirth they would be surprised to know that neither the term “rebirth” nor “reincarnation” has a Sanskrit or Pali equivalent. In order to propagate the theory of rebirth, the Sanskrit term borrowed was “punarbhava” which is “punabbhava” in Pali language. The word “punar” means “next time” or “again” and “bhava” means “becoming”. Therefore, “punarbhava” means “next becoming” or “becoming again” (i.e. “rebecoming”). Thus we can clearly see that the term “punarbhava” strongly indicates the concept of “resurrection”. Just before enlightenment ‘Mara’ came with his followers to distract Siddhartha but failed and had to flee. There are also some other encounters with ‘Mara’ the Evil One. This ‘Mara’ is none other than ‘Satan’ the Devil (‘Shaytan’ or ‘Iblees’ in Islamic theology) whose main aim is to lead people astray from the true path and he does it by means of greed, hatred, delusion, etc. In traditional Buddhism four senses of the word “Mara” are given. Firstly, there is ‘klesa-mara’, or Mara as the embodiment of all unskillful emotions. Secondly, ‘mrtyu-mara’, or Mara as death, in the sense of causing death to the spiritual life. Thirdly, ‘skandha-mara’, or Mara as metaphor for the entirety of conditional existence. Lastly, ‘devaputra-mara’, or Mara as the son of Jinni, that is, Mara as an objectively existent being rather than as a metaphor. The last connotation of Mara is strikingly similar to the Islamic concept of Shaytan the Devil. There is some misrepresentation when Mara is mentioned at the time of physical death of a human. At the time of death it is actually ‘Yama’ or ‘Yamdoot’ (‘Azrail’ in Islamic theology), the Angel of Death who captures the soul when one’s lifespan comes to an end. When one talks about soul one gets the conception that Gautama Buddha has denied the existence of soul. But it is not so. Actually, his teachings are presented in such a complicated manner that it is hard to get to the depths. However, the fact is that Gautama Buddha never denied the existence of soul but only preached about the annihilation of the ego-centric self, i.e., “I am”, in order to attain salvation. On attaining ‘Buddhahood’ (Prophethood) when Siddhartha Gautama was in doubt whether to preach or not to preach he was visited by ‘Brahma-Sahampati’ who encouraged him to preach so that at least some people would be able to comprehend the truth. This ‘Brahma-Sahampati’ is none other than ‘Archangel Gabriel’ (‘Jibrail’ in Islamic theology) who has visited all the prophets to convey the message of God. Also some angels visited Gautama Buddha at the Jetavana Monastery to make him aware of the emancipated condition of his half-brother named Nanda. These angels are described as certain celestial beings of dazzling beauty, illuminating the whole of Jetavana with their radiance though it was late night. Besides creating angels, human beings, animals, etc. the Almighty God has also created a species called ‘Genii’ or ‘Jinn’. The jinn have physical forms but are generally invisible to humans. And though they are known to inhabit the subterranean planes but can also be found in the remote and desolate places of earth. They occupy a parallel world to that of mankind and have powers to influence humans and can appear in various forms including the form of humans and animals. Silas (fairies), ifrits, marids and ghouls are different classes of jinn. In Buddhist texts, the term ‘devas’ are used for different types of non-human beings who are more powerful and longer lived than humans. The devas are generally invisible to the human eye but their presence can be detected by the ‘buddhas’ (prophets) and ‘arahants’ (saints) who have developed such spiritual powers by which one can see and hear beings from other planes. Most devas are capable of constructing illusory forms by which they can manifest themselves into human beings or animals. Devas are also capable of moving great distances speedily and flying through the air. Devas can be broadly classified into two main groups: the ‘higher devas’ who reside in the heavens and the ‘lower devas’ who reside on Mount Sumeru as well as on earth. As devas are invisible to the human eye so is their main dwelling place, ‘Mount Sumeru’ (‘Mount Qaf’ in Islamic theology). The higher devas, also called devatas, have physical forms but are sexless and passionless. They don’t require any food or drink but shine with their own intrinsic luminosity. Thus it will be correct to call these higher devas as angels. The lower devas have physical forms similar to, but larger than, those of humans. They eat, drink and lead the same sort of lives that humans do, though they are longer lived. The lower devas can also cause disturbance and physical harm to humans and thus it will be correct to call them as jinn. The lower devas or jinn are of various types: ‘gandharvas’ who are fairies; ‘nagas’ who can take the form of snakes; ‘kumbhandas’ who are portly, stout and dwarf-like; ‘yakshas’ who are ifrits; ‘asuras’ who are marids; and ‘rakshasas’ who devour humans and can be called demons, ghouls or ogres. Just as human beings need a king or ruler to manage the law and order system, so do the jinn. The king of the jinn is known as ‘Sakra’. His full title is ‘Sakrodevanam indrah’, i.e., ‘Sakra, Lord of the Jinn’. When one Sakra dies his place is taken by another jinni who becomes the new Sakra. The palace of Sakra is on the top of Mount Sumeru. There exists a constant state of war among the different classes of jinn which Sakra manages to resolve with minimal violence. In Buddhist texts Sakra is depicted as a follower of the Buddha-Dharma and is often shown consulting Shakyamuni on questions of morality. Although the jinn are superior in power to humans but the prophets and saints can easily tame them with the help of their spiritual powers. There are many instances of Shakyamuni’s encounters with the jinn and many of them did accepted his ‘Dharma’ (religion). Thus the Pali phrase ‘sattha deva-manusanam’ ascribed to Gautama Buddha can be correctly interpreted as ‘Teacher of jinn and humans’. Certainly, Mara (Satan) and his followers are of the jinn but can be distinguished from the rest as their main objective is to lead people astray from the true path. Mara is also known as ‘devaputra-mara’, i.e., ‘Mara, son of Jinni’. Just like other prophets Siddhartha Gautama has also predicted the end of the world in his ‘Sermon of Seven Suns’. And it is a well-known fact that the holy prophets were given miracles to prove their genuineness to the laity. Every prophet had at least one unique miracle to his name. And the unique miracle of Gautama Buddha was the “twin miracle” of levitating into the air and shooting forth jets of fire and water from his body. And he performed this twice, once in Kapilavastu and then in Sravasti, just to prove his genuineness to the laity. Thus we can clearly see that in the life and sayings of Gautama Buddha there was the concept of Uncreated God, Archangel Gabriel and other angels, Satan and other jinn, Doomsday, Life Hereafter, Heaven and Hell. Now, after examining all these facts it can be safely concluded that Gautama Buddha was indeed a holy prophet sent by Almighty God for the welfare of humans and jinn. (excerpt from ‘Buddha As Prophet: A True Biography’)
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Essay on How to Achieve Success in Life
A lot of people complain that they have a miserable life and can’t achieve success and some even argue that success is unachievable. But what about people who have actually achieved it? The only difference between those who achieve and those who don’t is that the latter don’t know the laws of success and don’t have enough determination to follow them. On some point, they just stop trying and even stop believing in their ability to be successful. The truth is that life is gracious only to those who are persistent in their desires and state of mind. See my custom coursework. All people have equal opportunities to move forward and succeed, it’s just that not all people can see it. You can argue that those who are born in slums and those who are born in rich families have very different chances to succeed, but real-life examples show us that sometimes people from slums become society’s top class, while those from rich families can easily hit the rock bottom. While external conditions play their role, what’s inside of us, what our beliefs and values are – this is actually of prior importance. So, the first thing that you need to have to succeed is having the growth mindset that supposes your sincere belief that you can grow and become successful, no matter how many times you fall. This mindset can move mountains, while the people who don’t have it can struggle very intensively to reach their goals. The second important thing is to be in a good health and be able to work and achieve your goals physically. When your mind, your body, and your spirit are in harmony you will be able to chase your dreams while having fun and enjoying life. The third important thing is to find your calling and to set a goal that’s beyond you. As one successful millionaire put it, “If you want to earn 1 million dollars, think what 10 million problems you can solve.” If you will do something that in your heart and it will not only serve you but many other people around you, then the satisfaction of what you are doing will be immense and the joy you get from life – limitless. Think about the things that you really like doing, recollect the dreams that you had when you were a child and start following them with strong determination to succeed. In order to achieve your goals, it is very important to get rid of negative thinking patterns and limitations that keep you from acting. Learn to manage your mind and emotions to become your own master. It is crucial to practice visualization to first create the image of your success in your mind and then to witness its manifestation in the physical world. Such famous people as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carey, Denzil Washington, Lady Gaga and many other have used visualization techniques to become who they are now. It’s very important to understand that if you apply much thinking to visualization it won’t work, because your thoughts may get in the way of what you want. For instance if you say “I want to buy the house” and then visualize it, but then think “I don’t have money to buy the house”, the moment you think that you don’t want the house, you stop wanting to buy it, because this exact thought keeps you from acting. With right intention and inner strength, you can become anything you want.
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Ibn 'Arabi "The Enlightened are not Bound by Religion"
The Enlightened are Not Bound by Religion Kevser Yesiltash The mystical teachings of Ibn-i Arabi, particularly influential in Anatolia, are rooted in a tens-of-thousands-of-years old knowledge attainment and transfer tradition, which is one of the fundamental cornerstones of Sufism. Through his unique method, Muhyiddin Ibn-i Arabi performed an unparalleled role in conveying the secrets of the Sufi mystical teachings across the generations. The secrets concealed in his teachings are not immediately revealed, and the knowledge they contain is hidden in such language that those who encounter it are often left in a state of shock and bewilderment. Those who strived to understand this language have been able to discover the real meaning hidden within, yet the majority, without making such an effort, took the meaning at face value and accused Ibn-i Arabi of being anti-religious. The title of this book, ‘The Enlightened are Not Bound by Religion’, is one Arabi’s notable sayings, about which alone a whole book could be written; because, to be able to understand just this saying requires knowledge of many subjects of the mystical teachings. In just one word, many layers of mystical secrets are waiting to be revealed. The saying, ‘The enlightened are not bound by religion’, ‘Feiza kanel arifu arifen hakikaten felem yeter kayyed bimutekadin’, in other words ‘when an enlightened one becomes truly wise, he/she cannot be bound by one belief’, is the adapted version for Turkish. This saying conceals important wisdom about religions. As we delve into the meaning of this saying we will perceive that the current form of religions is very different to their pure form. It is for this reason that we’ve chosen to explore the deep, mystical meaning of this saying as the topic of this book. Because, even today, religious instruction of the masses excludes the inward, mystical aspects of faith and concentrates on its outward form and functions.
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