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Transform boring commonplace forms into an eXciting User eXperience
As I surf on the web for hours, I rarely find myself entertained by my visit on most websites. They are certainly very efficient and greatly structured. But it’s just another website… nothing really makes my interaction on the website out of the ordinary and stand out. The design might be great but it’s the same old buttons everywhere. So, as a new developer, this is something I have been really excited to experiment with, and I thought I’d share and throw out there in this creative community what I came up with to enhance the user experience. Take for instance a simple form. You know how they all look. First name : “rectangular input field” Last name : etc, then a rectangular SEND or SUBMIT button to click at the end. Nice corporate designs have it colored to company colors. So exciting. As you can see on the image below, one of the ideas I tried out was to use a parchment paper, set the background color of the input fields to transparent, get rid of the borders and create a background image to draw a thin line instead. then add a stamp as a post button. The input text set to a cursive font family is just the cherry on the cake. Another user interaction functionality I decided to enhance was the “leaving comments” feature. Usually comments get displayed below, or on the side in a vertical fashion, neatly stacked one under the other, using the fonts and style of the website. I decided to transform the comments into tags that display in the background of the pages. I used a dozen graffiti fonts, and programmed the page to randomize the position, angle, color, font, and size of the “tags”. The cherry on the cake here is that I set the color for the very last tag left on the page to white (the background of the site is black and all other comments have darker tones) so the person leaving the comment can see where it appears upon posting it. Sure the tags overlap, but it’s an artist’s website, not for displaying political debates. Another positive aspect to it, beside creating a unique user experience in this ever expanding cyberworld, is that if fills that space, you know, when you have your website’s content all centered and just the background repeat on the sides. If you want to check it out and see for yourselves how it all works : So that was to start the conversation on this topic, now how about you ? Do you like to explore original layouts and designs for user interface features ? What’s the most original stuff you’ve come up so far ?
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