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Henry Lion Oldie: professional SF & Fantasy writer(s)
“Henry Lion Oldie” is a joint penname of Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky, the professional Science Fiction & Fantasy co-authors from Ukraine. From 1991 to July 2015 H. L. Oldie had published more than 230 books (including reprints and translations) or more than 50 original books (first prints) in Russian and some other languages (French, Polish, Czech, Lithuanian, Ukrainian); as well as several anthologies. The total amount of all H. L. Oldie's books sold up by April 2015 is more than 1.500.000 copies. H. L. Oldie had obtained more than 50 Russian, Ukrainian and International literary awards and prizes. At "EuroCon-2006" International European SF & Fantasy Convention H. L. Oldie got a title of The Best European SF & Fantasy Writer of 2006 (ESFS Award): Additional information about H.L.Oldie is available at official H. L. Oldie's English WEB-site Buy H. L. Oldie's books in English on Amazon: Buy H. L. Oldie's books in English on Smashwords: H. L. Oldie on Google+: H. L. Oldie on Facebook: Welcome!
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Henry Lion Oldie: professional SF & Fantasy writer(s)
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