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: William Ennis
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Sir Donkey Legs
Sir Donkey Legs never expected to become a knight. Laugh along with him and his sisters through this unexpected journey by ordering a copy at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com or xlibris.com today. The author will donate a portion of all royalties received to programs dedicated to the enrichment and strengthening of families.
Writing Selfishly
From a young age, most of us are taught the value of sharing and thinking of others first. These are important lessons, however, when it comes to creative writing a little selfishness can be tolerated. I have been writing for as long as I can remember and when I first took up the idea of writing for publishing I wasted much time writing things I thought others would want to read. This is important, surely, if you want your work to be noticed. But I found that when writing creatively with solely my audience in mind my work felt awkward even to me. It didn't satisfy that little voice inside me that wanted to create and even felt a little pandering. I'm sure, had I published some of this work, the audience would've noticed this also. It wasn't until I began writing selfishly that my work began to feel a little more heartfelt. I figured that, with such a large population and so many varied interests out there I'd find some sort of audience no matter what I wrote. So far I've only published a single book, but many more are on the way and each and every one was written very selfishly and without an eye towards marketability. It remains to be seen how well this strategy will work for me on the marketing side, but most importantly, my little voice has been satisfied and if my work sells well that'll just be some icing on the cake. A couple of closing points here; I'm referring only to creative writing. There are times when it certainly is not ok to write selfishly. For example, if you've been handed an academic assignment to write about the cheese making process and you couldn't care less about the subject, this is not a time to write selfishly. Also I'm sure I'm not the only author to think this way but if you haven't tried writing selfishly I highly recommend it. Write for your own satisfaction and pleasure. I'm betting the heart and soul of your work will show through more clearly than if you write as a slave to marketability.
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The Necklace - The Dusky Club, June 1962
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