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Will The Real Me Please Stand Up
THE BOOK: Will The Real Me Please Stand Up From betrayal, to abandonment, to rejection, to the Judas Kiss. If the carpet was ever pulled from under your feet, you are at the right place at the right time. I will teach you how to wage battle against the enemy of your soul. And when all hell has forged all it has against you, you will rise in the power, love, and strength of the Lord, because now, when people pull the carpet from under your feet, instead of falling and breaking, you're going to stretch your wings and fly. ~Narda Goodson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE MOVIE: The Reaper Movie Her father's curse tortured her for years but it couldn't kill her. After knowing Christ, can she survive the darkest storm that's about to rock her world? A woman thinks she can plant new roots and forget about her past soon learns that the self-rejection and purposefully intended emancipation from her own people would lead to her own breakdown. God would now have her undivided attention with a truth that would rock her world. Twenty years later, she would discover that her destiny was hidden in her history. *The Reaper Movie is a Christ-filled supernatural true story featuring actual spiritual warfare events, visions, and dreams to empower, enlighten, educate, and encourage the believer in his Christian journey. Get ready to be pulled to the edge of your seat and have your faith totally grounded in God's Truth. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM NARDA: The words you SPEAK will one day mature and you it will SEEK. This was me many years ago. Left naked and bruised to carry the shame of what others had done, I was now forced to travel a broken road. A lonely road. A destitute painful path. I hadn't destroyed the road, others that conspired and devised my hurt had. Robbed of all that I considered "my world", I stared at the painful journey before me. The road was long, the burden heavy, and I had no idea how I was going to make it. The warfare was real and the tormenting spirits that now flooded my mind, my life, my world were a force to be reckoned with. Jesus was my Sword and Shield, but if I didn't take up my Sword and Shield and learn to execute all my spiritual weaponries and fight back, I would surely die. Why? Because I was fighting for my life. Refusing to sit there and die, I determined to embrace all the Father had promised in His Word and that which He called me to be in Christ Jesus. Never to look back again, I booked a one-way ticket out of New York, left with only one luggage, my laptop, my three princesses, and my faith in my GOD. It led me to a little quaint town in Whitewright, Texas. Hi, I'm Narda Goodson and this is my story . . . Take my hand and journey with me. I will show you victory over adversity, comfort to dispel sorrow, and the beautiful and precious power of forgiveness.
Remember the caterpillar when it is in the cocoon stage and literally hanging upside down. It appears to be the worst time of its life. When your life has been turned upside down and you are literally hanging on to the thread of faith, only remain still enough to allow GOD to finish the work in you. Something is about to BREAK! ~2019 Narda Goodson ------------------------------------ There is still yet a freedom to be discovered as GOD strips and peels the layers of our old wounds. It stings and is very painful at first, but if we stay in the healing process, after a while, we will begin to see the beauty that was buried beneath all the hardening. And like the butterfly 🦋 encased and trapped within its cocoon, the old begins to shed and a new birthing takes place. A new season is coming for many of you but first must come the painful stripping. Yield to Him. Jesus loves you and desires to heal your wounds; your brokenness. Order a copy of my book Will The Real Me Please Stand Up. Take my hand and let me help you journey through those dark pits, lonely places, and out of those prisons meant to keep you captive emotionally and spiritually. I’ve been there too and know the way out. Jesus is our key 🔑. You can order a copy of my book. ~2019 Narda🙌Goodson
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Highly recommended for all genders and ages as a thought provoking piece in an eloquent fashion while taking you into the realm of Spiritual Warfare which is easy to visualize and follow.
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