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The Reasons For And Advantages Of Yoga Classes For Pregnant Women
Pregnancy is quite a tough and stressful time for women as they go through physical, emotional, and mental changes. Pregnancy is nine months from time of conception till the time of delivery. Pregnant women look for ways to stay relax as the baby develops and tries to prepare the body for labor and delivery. One of the best solutions that most pregnant women must do is attend yoga classes as it comforts both the mind and body. Yoga consists of breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques that can easily be modified to suit women during pregnancy. There are many fitness centers and gyms that offer yoga classes for pregnant women, and there is an experienced yoga instructor that guides women on the different posture and movements of yoga. The main purpose of yoga class is to encourage stretching, improve breathing, and mental centering in pregnant women. Studies and research suggest that prenatal yoga is safe for many women, but one should take opinion of the doctor and gynecologists before performing yoga. The reasons why pregnant women should perform yoga are • It helps to build stamina which is required during labor and childbirth • Remove anxiety, stress, laziness and make the women more active and energetic • Increase muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance • Reduce lower back pain, headaches, and shortness of breath. • Helps to meet other pregnant women and know how they are handling their pregnancy • Helps a woman to easily and quickly get back in shape after childbirth The yoga instructor would first know about the trimester of the pregnant woman so that he knows what sort of posture and physical movement would be suited to her. The key aspects of yoga classes for pregnant women are • Gentle stretching When the class starts, the first action that pregnant women do is gently stretch their arms, legs, and neck to warm the body • Breathing There will be a key focus on breathing, and pregnant women will be asked to slowly and deeply inhale and exhale through their nose. The breathing technique is vital to reduce shortness of breath, which is common during labor contractions and delivery stage. • Postures There are several postures that pregnant women are asked to perform while standing, sitting, and lying down. The women gently move the body in different positions. The women are asked to use blankets, cushions, and belts to provide support and comfort the body and prevent any strain or injury. • Relaxing down At the end of each yoga class, pregnant women are told to sit and relax in quiet surroundings so that they can focus on their breathing and heart rate. Pregnant women are asked to hear their breathing, thoughts, and emotions to achieve inner calmness. Some of the safety measures and considerations that women need to follow and keep in mind while joining a yoga class are • Make sure to talk with your doctor and health provider as it can help to reduce any chance of complications during pregnancy • Do the yoga postures and movements for nearly half an hour and do not aggravate by trying stressful postures • Make sure to keep cushions, blankets for support, and a water bottle to keep hydrated during a yoga class. • Avoid lying on the back or belly for long durations and put less pressure on the abdomen.
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