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I am Cancer Free : A Memoir
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Travel Memoirs with Pictures: Exploring the World
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Resurrection: Revenge of Zeeka Book 5
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Broadening my Horizons - Living with Epilepsy
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Firstly, I doubt Sally and Harry share equal power here. If every nail has disappeared from Omar's body, it sure looks like Harry's been getting his way. Sally's probably pretty scared of him, despite regarding his behaviour as disdainful. Harry, essay writing services reviews with his 'license to torture', has really become a monster; setting aside his humanity to indulge some primitive perverseness in torturing his prisoner (and soon Omar's family as well), which he then justifies as being 'for the greater good'.

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Pri samoj pomisli na selidbu mnogi ljudi dozive veliki stres i ne znaju odakle poceti sa pospremanjem I pakovanjem stvari. Medju retkim sretnicima su oni koji kompletnu selidbu prepuste nekom drugom a sa sobom ponesu samo putnu torbu. Kada je rec o mladim ljudima I studentima svakako da se oni mogu preseliti sa jednim koferom I rancem ali kada smo stariji, imamo porodicu tu je vec situacija potpuno drugacija. U tom slucaju je potrebno mnogo vise napora pa I novca kako bismo prebacili sav namestaj, tehniku I ostalo. Troskovi selidbe ne moraju biti veliki. Ako se pravilno organizujete I sve pripremite na vreme potrebno je da angazujete profesionalce odnosno pronadjete agenciju koja se profesionalno bavi selidbama I to je jedna od najvecih stavki I troskova koje selidba sa sobom nosi. Cena angazovanja firme ili agencije za selidbe zavisi od vise faktora a to su pre svega udaljenost odnosno lokacija i kolicina namestaja i drugih stvari,zato su tu zbog vas selidbe beograd. Vase je da sve na vreme pazljivo pripremite kako bi radnici koje ste angazovali to sto bolje I brze spakovali u kamion I odvezli na Vasu novu lokaciju. Specijalni tereti se I posebno naplacuju na sta takodje treba obratiti paznju. Kada se kaze specijalan teret tu se uglavnom misli na skupocene klavire, vredne a teske sefove, radne masine I sl. Kada je profesionalna pomoc na Vasem pragu ne morate brinuti I stvarati preveliku nervozu I stres, jer ce svaki Vas komad namestaja ili neki drugi Vama posebno drag predmet biti bezbedno I bez ikakvog ostecenja prebacen na novu adreu. Na Vama je da nakon toga svom novom zivotnom prostoru date neki samo Vama svojstven pecat, a sve ono staro ostavite za sobom.

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The Mystique of Manhood
The Women’s March in Washington, D.C has motivated me to write an exposé that’ll blow the lid off the code of silence (bro code) of the brotherhood of men. I can no longer abide with the cover up and fraud that men have perpetuated upon women. At the risk of losing my subscription to Esquire Magazine, I’ll debunk the myths and misconceptions of the mystique of manhood. It’ll be a tell all, name names (like Thomas, Richard and Harry) and scandalous mea culpa. In all fairness, I want to give my followers and fans, especially the male ones, fair warning and a preview of what to except when my exposé explodes upon the public. I’m sure I will receive hate mail and threats from my fellow males for violating the bro code. Sorry guys, but the time has come. Our women have spoken. Here’s a preview: Myth Number 1: Men leave the toilet seat up as a way of marking their territory. The Truth: Men can’t remember to put the seat down. At a very early age, men learn not to pee on the toilet lid and/or seat, so they remember to raise them. However, whenever men manage to get 80% of their urine into the toilet, they are so proud of themselves that they forget to put the seat down. Sorry. Myth Number 2: Men will never admit when they are wrong. The Truth: Okay, I got nothing. This one is true. Wait! Did I just admit that I was wrong? Maybe there is something here. I’ll get back to you on this. However, men don’t like to be embarrassed in front of women. Myth Number 3: Men have an unerring sense of direction and won’t admit when they’re lost. The Truth: Men are no better at directions than women are. There, I said it! Why don’t men admit when they are lost and ask for directions? See Myth Number 2. When driving alone, men will seek out another brother and ask for directions. When driving with a female, some men will drive around for hours hoping their female passenger will recognize a landmark. Women navigate by landmarks. Myth Number 3: Men like to barbeque. The Truth: This one is easy to debunk. Men like meat and will eat almost any meat whether it’s cooked or not (except sushi). The truth is that since men came out of caves walking upright, fire has fascinated them. Sometimes men will go out and start the grill just to watch it burn without anything cooking. Myth Number 4: Men are poor dressers. The Truth: Not True! Men know how to dress. However, men do like to be the center of attention. The best way to do that is to wear something inappropriate. Men have been known to wear black socks with sandals just to get attention from significant others (and daughters). Myth Number 5: Men don’t like Opera. The Truth: Not true. Men admire opera. We thought her show was good, and her O Magazine has articles that even men can enjoy. Oh, wait. Did I say Opera? I meant to say Oprah. My mistake. Sorry. Never mind. Myth Number 6: Men have trouble expressing their feelings. The Truth: Bull crap! Men have no problem expressing their feelings... to other men. Whenever men gather in small groups for poker or golf, the conversation always turns to feelings. Men perpetuate the idea that they talk about women in these gathering, but it’s simply not the case. Men think that expressing feelings with women is a sign of weakness, so they don’t do it. In addition, it usually starts a long conversation, and men do hate long conversations. Myth Number 7: Men are good at killing bugs and spiders. The Truth: Another myth. Men are afraid of bugs and spiders too. People believe that since men are supposed to be hunters that they enjoy killing bugs. Men got over that a long time ago. They hate to be the one to kill them. To look heroic in front of women, men will stock and ritually kill pieces of lint and dust bunnies. I know some men that save those fake plastic spiders from Halloween and scatter them around the house. This goes back to men wanting to be the center of attention – Myth 4. Myth Number 8: Men are better than women are at math. The Truth: Not true. Only women have the ability to multiply. Case closed. Myth Number 9. When a sexy woman walks by, the first thing men look at is her butt. The Truth: Simply not true. I think I can speak for all men when I say this. When a sexy woman walks by, the first thing I look at is the back of her head. Then I ask myself, “I wonder if she has a brain to go along with that really nice ass?” Myth Number 10. Men are afraid of commitment. The Truth: Also not true. Men aren’t afraid of commitment – they are afraid of women. All women scare the hell out of us. Myth Number 11. Men like dogs better than cats. The Truth: It’s not that men like dogs better than cats – they don’t. It’s just that men get excited and confused when women ask men if they would like a little “pussy.” The conversation never ends well. It is easier to talk about dogs, although they can be bitches too. Myth Number 12: Men don’t have close friends the way women do. The Truth: This is another popular myth perpetuated by men. All men have a secret Facebook page. On that page, they have many friends including ex-girlfriends/wives, your sisters, and that good-looking divorcee next door. They also have secret Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest accounts. Myth Number 13: Men don’t listen. The Truth: I’m sorry. What were you saying? Myth Number 14: Men aren’t sincere when they say they are sorry and it won’t happen again. The Truth: Okay, there’s a nugget of truth in this myth. Let’s face it - men are stubborn. The truth is that by the time men finally get around to saying they’re sorry, they’ve forgotten what they’re sorry about, so they just say the words. Myth Number 15. Men will cheat if given the opportunity. The Truth: Okay, this is basically true. However, women must share part of the blame. If there were no women to cheat with, men would not cheat. Myth Number 16. Men don’t cry. The Truth: Absolutely false. Men do cry; for example, when our favorite sports team loses, or our Alma Mater loses, or the best player on one of our teams gets traded. Men just don’t cry in public or in front of women. Myth Number 17. Men don’t have feelings. The Truth: Men do have feelings. For example, we feel hunger. Myth Number 18. Men don’t like to hug other men. The Truth: This is another myth. Men hug as long as they can slap each other hard on the back. Myth Number 19: Men have fragile egos. The Truth: I resemble that remark. I couldn’t disagree more. Our egos are just find if no one hurts our feelings. Myth Number 20: Men are basically color blind. The Truth: Okay, this one is basically true. Of course, there are some exceptional men who are fashion designers and interior decorators. The rest of us have no idea what teal, periwinkle, mauve, marsala and ochre are. I hope this helps you women who are trying to understand men. My expose may be published soon. For e-books by me, visit http://smashwords.com/profile/view/monteranderson. Follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/monteranderson Follow my blog at http://monteranderson-author.com or http://monteranderson.wordpress.com

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You know, I've come to realise why this is such a hard case. Usually in resolving (regular) interpersonal conflicts, we assume that we're dealing with SANE people; individuals of rational thought and reasoning, with a conscience that they are actually accountable to. Harry seems far from that. Or rather, the situation he has been put under has forced him to take on this unnatural, barbaric behaviour. So alright, not entirely his fault. Nothing Sally can do, and let's not even get to Omar...

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Author Zack Love
Independent Author - I write in multiple genres and so far have published 8 books in comedy, psychological and philosophical fiction, and romance.

Brianna and the Three
In the distant future, a woman is kidnapped, and it falls to Archangel Brianna Pandora to rescue her. An officer in the Angel Corps, Brianna is responsible for defending Earth, it's colonies and citizens, as well as training newer Corps members. When given the assignment, she thinks there won't be any difficulty. However, when tracing the victim's last known movements, Brianna finds there may be more to the kidnapping than she first thought. Tracking the victim to a distant colony world, Brianna must deal not only with her own insecurities but with the Three, mythological warriors who may or may not exist.

On A Cold Wind
The story of Caralynn (Carly) Adrasteia, an agent of EarthGov Security in the late twenty-second century begins. As an Enhanced Human, a group of humans engineered to have superior physical and mental abilities, she is subject to hatred and discrimination while continuing to work for the improvement of her people's situation. Along with her partner, Special Agent Murphy Greenfield, she is assigned to track down two escaped criminals who threaten a newly established colony. One of the criminals, Efhram Bartok, is also an Enhanced Human who wants to incite a revolution and lead the Enhanced Humans to freedom. There is a link between Carly and Bartok, one that only Carly's division director knows.

EarthGov Security Special Agent Kevin Martin and his partner, Probationary Agent Rachael (Rae) Mercer, thought they had been assigned an open-and-shut case. A murder had been committed on the colony of Haven and local law enforcement already had a suspect in custody, with enough evidence to ensure a conviction. Things begin to spin out of control when Rae is severely beaten and Kevin is accused of the attack. Who is trying to stop the murder investigation? What is connection between the suspect and the victim? How does the secret Rae is keeping tie into it?

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Brianna and the Three
In the distant future, a woman is kidnapped, and it falls to Archangel Brianna Pandora to rescue her. An officer in the Angel Corps, Brianna is responsible for defending Earth, it's colonies and citizens, as well as training newer Corps members. When given the assignment, she thinks there won't be any difficulty. However, when tracing the victim's last known movements, Brianna finds there may be more to the kidnapping than she first thought. Tracking the victim to a distant colony world, Brianna must deal not only with her own insecurities but with the Three, mythological warriors who may or may not exist.

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Resurrection :Revenge of Zeeka Book 5 is now on pre-order until 25th February 2017. The book is dedicated to you, my readers. It is the final installment in the Revenge of Zeeka Series. Pre-order your copy now on Amazon. http://Author.to/BCM786 Do not miss out. Also available for pre-order at Kobo Available in Paperback at Amazon for immediate distribution

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