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Watercolor case for iphone 7
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5 Methods in Devising Subjects to Increase Email Click Ratio
Now this piece is not about deceiving your audience but instead, focuses on maintaining that ‘wow’ element that got them to open that email in the first place. You don’t want your readers to open the email, only to find that the excitement was short lived since your brand plummets six feet under. The hardest part is over. Your link building exercise has paid off and you have accumulated tons of emails addresses from your potential client pool. Time to fire away some emails! You need to understand that to arouse interest you have to highlight the benefit, plus incite curiosity without which the subject remains dull. Let us see how to achieve that:

1. Question
A subject with a question is bound to stimulate the reader’s mind and he/she will rush towards opening that email. The trick is to ask a targeted question. You can’t ask “How do you do?” instead (relevant to your niche) ask, “Am I the only one with million questions?” Or “Did you finish?” (Insert announcement here) So you see from above examples how interest is being catered for.

2. How-to’s
This form of subject creation has a proven track record of getting high opening rates. It basically excites the receiver of the email by offering them the chance to learn ‘such’ and ‘such’ thing. Example could be, “3 ways on how to reach your competitor’s customers” What did you notice above? Wouldn’t you want to know how? Hence, to hook your audience it is ideal to list the number of steps and follow it up with a how-to. Another example could (without the number of steps), “How to start a software business if you don’t know the basics of coding”?

3. Clickbait technique
Clickbait is referred to as the technique whereby you instill the shock factor in your subject lines and compel your audience to open their email. This takes some skill to craft subject lines. The information is there in the subject and yet at the same time not present. You ask how so? Similar to movie teasers that get released but you wait for the trailer to make sense of the plot or the story that it is trying to tell. For example, “The single most effective trick to improve conversions on your landing page”, “This one question will help you weed out scam marketing agencies”

4. Introduce puns/humor
This idea will never get old. Try experimenting with this technique and uplift the mood of your readers. Though it’s not a surefire way of increasing open rates (as some readers may be put off by the jokes or feel mislead/confused by them), it still is fun and will yield results. Ex: “Why Tom Cruise should be your content strategist”

5. Personalize the subject
This will win you all the clicks, simple as that. You can search for essay help UK by leading essay service. “Jonathan, here’s how to maximize your Instagram ad budget” Just don’t rely too heavily on this technique.

Author Bio Katherine is a freelance Online Marketer working at coursework writing service Educational Program. Being a savvy in online marketing, she helps businesses establish a strong brand reputation. Her insightful tips enable brands to position their products effectively to their target audience.

2016 E-books for Sale 100% artist work
Artist trying to get a paycheck for the year 2016 E-books for sale 45% off till Oct. 23rd. Just $11 each https://vanderhoofphotography.com/2016/10/08/11-each-photographic-e-books-45off/

Rogue Blood
Life can change in a flash. The flash is defined by choice. All change is a choice. But no one chooses the family they’re born into. Nineteenth century Italy. The tale begins here in a land bound for war, and a family of noble inheritors who are troubled with the choice of extending the family line. This choice will live on to influence events one hundred seventy years in the future. Early twenty-first century Baltimore. Six world-weary individuals, separated by less than they know, do battle with the daily lives they lead. But events set into motion long ago will bring these disparate souls together to form a family unlike any other. Herein lies a story of heroic tragedy. An epic romance set against the backdrop of modern society. Join an ensemble cast on a journey of self-examination in a world where reality is more fluid than believed, where all magic is thought to be science, and the worst that can happen to us is more under our own control than we realize. At 120,000+ words, and four years in the making, this is a very human science-fiction novel with touches of mystery, history, horror, and heroism combined. The story is written such that any page—any triplet of alliterative phrasing—might be a clue to the reader about something in the story. Once finished, the reader ought to want to start again. Though a few fantastic elements are evident in the telling, this story’s approach is to be as grounded and cinematically pleasing on the page as a Christopher Nolan film is on the screen. And if you enjoyed Netflix's Stranger Things this summer, this might be right up your alley! https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/314PB9KUGW71D

Greetings, Please find our press release below: Press Release: Global Entrepreneur Expo's "Pre-Black Friday Holiday Shopping Extravaganza!" was designed by the visionary and Founder Kimberly Phelps for the purpose of economic empowerment. With the assistance of entrepreneur Kamal Imani, they are effectively bringing the residential and business communities together for positive business exchanges and networking. The theme of this event is "Young Excellence" with awards being presented to servant leaders and local youth. There is always a focus on serving the community and therefore we have partnered with several non -profit organizations. For over 10 years Kimberly has produced positive community and youth based events where vendors were welcome to market and sell their products and services. What better time than the present to enhance her vision with the Global Entrepreneur Expo? This will be an exciting, positive and spirit filled event with dynamic products and services as well as fun activities for the children, fashion shows and live entertainment. The community is encouraged to come out and support their local businesses, community leaders and young people as they share their talents and gifts in hope of enhancing not only economic development but the quality of their lives as well. Please see below for more information: Sunday, November 20, 2016 12:00-6:00 pm Rahway Recreation Center 275 E. Milton Ave, Rahway, NJ 07065 Price: (No Entry Fee) Donations are appreciated. Vendors Welcome! Contact Us @ http://www.globalentrepreneurexpo.com https://www.facebook.com/events/277643325941620 Follow Us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/excel_expo

A Phd Diploma, without Leaving Your Home: Possible or Not?
Get your Phd diploma staying at home! Do you like this statement? Yes, it is not a myth it is reality. You can try different online doctoral programs and get the diploma. Where to find the best or typical programs? Visit our website and read all necessary information.

Weekly thoughts and philosophical perspectives https://pamelastadnyk.com

THE MOLECULAR SLAVES (A quizzical look at the life, phenomena and the world with a few hilarious conclusions)
A #hilarious sparkling,delightfully #funny little book. The.#critically #acclaimed The Molecular Slaves. eBook @ 99 Cents on Amazon. Try it. I assure that u will b entertained like no one's business, totally engrossed n delighted, if u love books. The story of the world and evolution of mankind as seen from the viewpoint of the molecules :-) ps- Pl do read the reviews on GoodReads and Amazon. The reviews shall speak for themselves. Me sayin' my book s great s no good! the link is https://www.amazon.com/Molecular-Slaves-Biju-Vasudevan-ebook/dp/B01BQGGJNS/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8#nav-subnav

Editing, Proofreading or Writing Help
Authors, need help with proofreading or editing? Need help with blogs, newsletters, product descriptions, or just that story stuck in your head? Let me help! Check out my website at www.socialwrites.com. Based in the U.S. Looking forward to helping you!

Business Directory
Proglobalbusinesssolutions is an India based creative graphic design company.The talented graphic design team at PGBS will make your thoughts come true visually.

InKognito Writing
Helping businesses grow their international roots. Contact us to get affordable signature content creation: we work on your brand from behind the scenes while you focus on your products and services. Get your free quote now!

Online Short story Portal for readers, writers and Artist

Close To Death
A non-fiction autobiography detailing the author's harrowing experience, after being diagnosed with one of the highest glucose levels in the country. The reading was so high, that the tehnician thought it was a blip on the machine. The book details the author's journey before, during and after the Type II Diabetes diagnosis.

Excruciating Patience
A poignant story of youth, an adventure, a love story, a coming of age story about overcoming obstacles. It's a story of survival, and friendship

Zeeka's Ghost : Revenge of Zeeka Book 4
Swift. Silent. Ghostly. Zeeka's Ghost appears to Steven and he feels the ghost has evil intentions. Coupled with that, Steven discovers that he and Mandy are the targets of unknown enemies and their lives are at stake. Steven must find a way to hunt down and apprehend these ruthless maniacs and save his beloved wife. Is Zeeka's Ghost here to harm or help? Zeeka's Ghost is the fourth story in the series Revenge of Zeeka. Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy received a five-star seal from Readers Favorite International in September 2016.

New case - butterflyes
New case for iphone 7

My new case
new work for iphone7 - case floral

Watercolor case for iphone 7
My new work - cover case

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Close To Death
A non-fiction autobiography detailing the author's harrowing experience, after being diagnosed with one of the highest glucose levels in the country. The reading was so high, that the tehnician thought it was a blip on the machine. The book details the author's journey before, during and after the Type II Diabetes diagnosis.

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Victoria Malyurek graduated from Decatur High School at Federal Way, Washington, in 1973. She is a Sheridan, Wyoming native who grew up in Washington State. Victoria discovered she loved to write at the early age of 9. Later, she decided to create children's books. "Around the World with Queenee, the Bee" and "The Nutt Family Tree" are 2 of the many titles. Victoria's most recent work is "I Remember Momma, self-published in 2014." It tells the story of her mother, who was born in 1914, and mentions some of her ancestors who lived in the Bahamas. Currently, Victoria resides in Idaho.

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