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They can do it at all what’s not available as the base the clearly can’t do enough okay so what role do the liver and that got play it turns out they play a very important role so remember the liver not only is synthesizing 20 percent of your cholesterol but it is also the place where their cholesterol aggregates gets deposited into bile salts hit by the way you couldn’t make without cholesterol that’s another story and gets dumped through the biliary system into you the gastrointestinal system into the gate begun then becomes the ultimate regulator if you will how much about cholesterol but we aid plus synthesized gets reabsorbed in the body eighty-five percent of a cluster of in the guide is love endogenous origin right so it’s the in documents cholesterol makes up the largest pool of what’s there’s a 15 percent is coming from a week 8 eighty-five percent what we recycle that we made and then the gut does something to show you a second if they want to point out here is a member we talked about college300 call it 1200 milligrams here the total body store of course draws between 40 and 50 grams so it’s sort of like the total body stores a swimming pool and we have two other things that contribute to the swimming pool one is a little internal pose and the other is an external the whole drips a so if you think about biology what have we learned we weren’t a few things right whenever you have system that has an enormous internal storage something and minuscule little external and internal contributions to that it’s a highly regulated process and it’s very unlikely that the inputs on the little side are moving the needle and it’s probably the case that something else so we just talked about how we synthesize and we absorb cholesterol and as a general rule people actually differ we fall into broadly speaking one of two categories people tend to be more the synthesizer meaning you start with these two carbon units and you go through thirty seven different steps have carbon fixation to make this 27 carbon molecule called cholesterol so people either predominantly do that in their cells or they predominantly they don’t make much but they sure are good at absorbing now there are people who do neither particularly well in there are people who do both those particularly well but on average that represents raped in the population the absorption story is a fascinating one and i want to touch on it for a moment despite the ungodly diagram here I couldn’t find abettor one so this is your got shall was then enter our site this is the lumen meaning it’s the Soured tube surface of the got this is the inside your body the blue thing is a trans membrane complex called the knife man-pick c1 like one receptor obviously and it’s sort of like that ticket taker in a bar very little discrimination whatsoever if you have the money you get in the bar right so it basically lets everything in cholesterol five-star all doesn’t matter how much by the way it’s worth pointing out and it’s you know it’s kind of interesting point fighter stare all on a molecule per molecule basis is actually far more after Janna than cholesterol so um some of you may know this but people I’m have in the past taken huge doses aright Astaire all because if you took in a fight Ester GCXS Diet you would are over occupy this and prevent cholesterol from getting ins phytosterols were viewed as a way to prevent absorption of cholesterol turns out that’s interesting if this guy is defective because now.


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