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I Am The Night (the memoir of Apollo Aeon)
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India Was One
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Dark Tidings - ancient magic meets the Internet - 99c
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Are YOU Afraid to Die?
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Post Apocalypse with a Paranormal Twist! Only $1.99!
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Blood Flow
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Extra-Curricular - Tales Told Out Of School
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Involution- An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God
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Painting of Tamal Sen Sharma
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Lion Family
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Drink Deeply From My Soul
Drink Deeply From My Soul Drink deeply from my soul, this imitation of Life you may forget just remember our dreams and desires… I have been known you as the One, the Unbounded, the Known and Unknown, the Infinite inside the small and great, as the Knower of my knowing Sacred…. and Profane, Drink deeply from my soul, and let your breath dress my eyes into the well of living and adoration… You are the One!... And… I am the Self! The Seer of sight, where vision owns no eyes, just rainbows bloom in the heat of the night, and forests grow inside the desert, there… our oasis of souls, we shall feed one another from the grapes of wraith and nourish our weary lives with Life. Into the endless forest we roam, meandering in the Paradise Lost along the cold mountain stream we spend in our garden of Eden our worries end!... Me… and You! without yesterdays and tomorrows, just conjugated by the verb of Today!... Drink deeply from my soul, beloved one, learn the science of my Name’s metempsychosis, so my songs may reveal the mystery of your bleeding longing… You know, the blueprinting of the Heart of the Hearts, in this Time continuum of All that it IS!... Your stardust free verses songs, awakens the Presence of my Essence!... Drink deeply from my soul and let questions come in …and fall out of this Existence!.... See the Beauty beyond the Beauty, let your breath sing different sizes of Life, built in a scarlet octave, so your words will grow younger! Let the flavor of your Beigness Explode into this Existence!… Drink deeply from my soul and the Word will be undressed from the World!... (Anca M. Bruma - 14th September 2015) Artwork: Dorina Costras Copyright (c) 2015 by Anca Mihaela Bruma, All Rights Reserved, except the right to forward and to share with friends - with credit - which is held to be a good idea and is thus encouraged.

My new book: ***** on Amazon!
Check out "This Boy is About to Die: the Life, Death, and Life of Gary G." One of several metaphysical books I'm writing.... as well as a couple on poetry, and voice acting. What are YOU guys writing?

How to Turn Your Internship into a Fulltime Job

In order to enroll in a professional training program student needs to consume ample amount of time as well as energies. A lot of students are unaware about the amazing benefits of a professional training program that could drive to strengthen their career. If you have successfully enrolled in an internship opportunity then you can make the most of it by applying for a full-time position. Fortunately, in this article we will discuss few important tactics that any internee could learn and implement to make their career brighter. Here are 5 effective tactics to turn your internship into a full-time job.

Connect with your teammates

It is vital for you to stay in touch with people whom you met while pursuing an internship. This way you will easily develop connection that will help you in every phase of your academic life. Otherwise you will miss a great opportunity to build a better relation with professional people in your industry.

Use online job boards

Due to rapid advancement in technology it is because possible for internee to easily get hired in a full-time working opportunity. You too can work in a full-time job by creating your account over popular socializing blogs. This way you will not only increase your chances of recruitment, but also get better working opportunities. Thus create account over reliable job boards to easily highlight your expertise to potential employers.

Maximize your learning

While enrolled in a professional training program ensure to maximize your learning process to avail endless opportunities in the professional world. The basic purpose of digital learning program is to enhance ones knowledge in the core areas of the topic. Therefore make the most of your professional training program by maximizing your learning process.

Apply for the unfilled position

If you think that the organization in which you’re learning new skills is best for your career growth then you must apply for the unfilled position. Make sure to build a good relation with the HR executive of the company in which you’re learning new techniques. This way you will easily get hired on a better position as well as grow your career in a hassle free manner. Else you might miss a great opportunity that can place you on the top of the ladder.

Surely by reading the information shared in the above blog any student could easily find a full-time working opportunity by the help of an internship program.

About Writer: Amelie John is the author of this blog she loves to share her knowledge with students who need UK essay writer guidance to grow in the working world.

Sowing the Seeds of Karma
Sowing the Seeds of Karma is now available on Kindle, priced at only $1.54. Please visit the link below to obtain your copy today. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B012J5PLE8 For a flavour of how my mind works, find attached a link to four short/shorts you can read for free. http://moreshortstories.webs.com/ I have listed Sowing the Seeds of Karma as cheaply as I possibly can, $1.54; and this includes VAT & free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet My reasons for selling so cheap? Sowing the Seeds of Karma is a satirical novel which was written with the intention of empowering individuals in to looking at the world with honest eyes, and inspire them into wanting to make a positive change. Needless to say, this is the only book which gives a 'fix' for every issue which currently faces mankind. This is the most important book of our generation, and is priceless in terms of the continuation of humanity.

How To Write An Effective Cover Letter?

Preparing a cover letter for admission to a university in a foreign country is in fact an art and a very time-consuming process. However, it can not be avoided, because this document is necessary for admission. It is a fact that a majority of the students with best grades in the diplomas are not capable of going to their chosen universities just because they fail in impressing the commission via their cover letter. On the other hand, there are many examples of candidates with diplomas who could prove a selection committee that they have ability along with potential to do best in their academic life.

How should look like a cover letter to make a strong impression on the University’s selection committee?

Let's look at the following key rules:

Initially, it should be kept in mind that your main theme of the cover letter should not be limited in a simple phrase like “I would like to do it.” Try to answer these basic questions: Why do you want the area wherein you are going to learn? Why do you want to choose such a subject and make a profession in such as area? You should illustrate your enthusiasm for your chosen academic field. Indeed, the selection committee of the university would like to know why you took a decision to enroll in a specific program and for what you are willing to change your overall life.

Exploring the University is crucial so that you know about the reputation of the university. In this regard, you should explore its history, overall achievements and the program on which you want to enroll. Finding reviews of graduates who have experienced such a university or the program. This can be done through reviewing the university websites or some of your relatives or friends.

Remember; do not use too clever words. Using complex words and structures can only scare the selection committee, as they may not comprehend your basic thoughts. Moreover, complex words make no sense, and the selection committee may understand that you are over confidence that’s why you have used complicated words that may also hide your basic description of the cover letter. Use always simple words and try your best to impress the readers.

Adhere to the requirements for registration in your cover. Present your cover letter as your motivation letter. The reason is that most of the universities consider cover letters as a motivation letter, personal statement or statement of purposes. Keep in mind that the entire text should be uniform, i.e. the same size and font. The intervals should be the same between lines and paragraphs.

It is important to note that the purpose of your cover letter is to present yourself as much as possible. In this regard, you should discuss your past education, employment history, your strengths and weaknesses, your skills and capabilities, and much more. Moreover, you should also talk about your performance level in the part and show your strong eagerness for your future.

In a nutshell, the overall theme and meaning of your cover letter should be to ensure that:

  • You are well equipped academically and personally about the chosen program
  • You are interested with strong passion in the chosen field
  • Do you have an explicit goal and target for the future
  • You can become a potentially great professional in the chosen field in the future, and thus you are applying.

This is informative article students who want to study in foreign universities. This article will definitely assist students in better understanding how to write a cover letter for admission in universities.

Author Bio:

Chris James is a professional and expert level academic writer and consultant. He is working with a leading custom academic service - UK Writing Help from last 2 years and in 2 years he provided assistance to the thousand of students.

4 Proven Ways to Manage Time Perfectly

In order to drive nonstop opportunities in the professional world, it is crucial to have proficient time management skills. Fortunately anyone could effectively manage his/her time by learning some smart techniques. If you’re also desperately looking for something that will empower you to manage time effectively then you must read the information demonstrated below. Here are four proven ways that can help you to manage time effectively.

Install a task manager

With the advancement in technology, it is become easy for students to manage their academic task as well as time effectively. You too can accomplish every academic activity on specified time by installing a popular task planning application. While studying in a reputable educational organization it is imperative for students to accomplish every task on the appropriate time. Else it may become tough for you to meet every requirement of your assigner in an appropriate manner.

Priorities every task

One of the best ways to manage time effectively is to priorities every task as per their importance. Figure out the importance of every task and priorities them accordingly. This way you will easily accomplish your academic as well as other tasks on time without skipping. So keep in mind to follow this great strategy to accomplish your every activity in the perfect time and manner.

Avoid useless activities

If you want to make the most of your free time, then you must invest it in the right things. Students who consume time in inappropriate things not only affect their academic performance but also miss countless opportunities that can strengthen their career. Thus invest your time in the right things to drive endless opportunities in every phase of your life. Students who devote their time in useless activities acquire online dissertation help to achieve better grades.

Start early

It is a known fact that people who start their work early also end up it early. Make sure to start your every task on the appropriate time to finish it on the assigned time. If you will fail to accomplish your project on an appropriate time you will provide a bad impression to your reviewer. Therefore do your best to start every task earlier to finish them in the best way possible.


In the end, it could be said now that the provided information is workable for students who want to accomplish their every academic activity on the appropriate time. Ensure to share this stuff, in your network generously to seek out your friends as well so that they could also develop good time management skills.

Four things to look forward to on a graduation day
After all the hard work and thorough training in a complicated degree program, graduation is the reward that every student dreams of and looks forward to. It is the day when four or somewhere three years of hard work come to an end with a reward which is not only worthy of celebrations, but a moment of proud feeling as well as an accomplishment which will go a long way for a bright future. There is no student on earth who will say they are not looking forward to the graduation day. It is also the day when students usually see their university as an official member of the student body for the final time and after that they will be termed as former students or more respectively called an alumni. There are lots of preparations and hard work that goes on in preparing for the graduation day as it comes nearby. The completion of thesis assignment, finishing and submitting university assignments, submission of final reports, sitting in final examinations and waiting impatiently for final results, after everything is done and dusted then comes the big day. The day when students will receive that prestigious student robe and a degree to hold on to. Overall a graduation day is full of exhaustion and feelings, today’s academic blog will talk about four things that students should expect and look forward to on the actual graduation day. An all day ceremony: Graduation day will be a busy one for you, which is why the celebrations of being a graduate go on to another few days. On the graduation day, top institutions usually arrange a ceremony inviting all the graduate students and their parents to sit through and watch their favorite ones get the degree. The ceremony will be scheduled sometime in late noon to early evening and will go on till late including the graduating dinner. This is the event which is special to every student and goes down the memory lane forever. This is the day after which many students might back to their own country and will not see their friends again. Emotions and exhaustion: Graduation is a highly emotional phase; it is the moment where student will soon realize their academic life is more or less over. It is the time to move on to a new chapter of life. It is also a time where students separate from each other being friends. They have spent so much time together, and now for some it will be almost impossible to see them again. There will be lots of pictures and sharing final moments. So overall it is a very emotional and exhaustive day for students. Experience of a lifetime: Sitting through the ceremony and getting the degree is an experience in itself. It teaches students lessons that are to be taken seriously. For example, the reality of life and how it changes overnight from one phase to another. They also learn how important was their academic struggle that has made it possible for them to get to this day. Hold the degree and be proud: Finally, on this day, you will be holding that degree in your hand, for which you have invested three to four years of your life, lot of money through your financing options and lots of compromises. Life after graduation: On the graduation day, you will get the teaser of how life will be after the graduation. You will get the feeling of having to attend no classes, getting worried to find a successful career making job and being responsible in your actions even more than you were. The title of a graduate will snatch the title of being a student from you. Author Bio: Alison Gavin has been writing for the online essay completion industry’s pioneer firm EssayEmpire | Essay Writing Company for over 8 years now. With the company she has made fame and name; her projects are rated very highly and students know that she is the most sought after writer in the industry right now.

Painting is my opium
Painting is my opium Painting is my opium, my weed, my sedative and my weapon. It helps me to see far and beyond, love more and feel more. It is my craziness and my wisdom. It unites me with nature, animals and human beings. It takes me far into the deep sea of unconsciousness Where I meet with the hidden and can not be told. Painting is my light, my prayer and my sacred temple. It opens the way to the way. It is my love to a particular woman, a child and a friend. It teaches me to love all human regardless of race, religion or nationality. Painting is my Garden of Eden where I am Adam and Eve, the serpent and the creator. It is my hell and paradise .It is my prayer and my song. It is my music and scream, my peace and war. It is my tool to understand life and death. It helps me survive and find beauty in ugliness, meaning in meaningless and love in hatred. Painting make me a mystic, a dancing Gypsy, worshiper and a prophet .It is my dream and my nightmare. It is my language, my poetry, and my wings. It is my freedom and prison. It makes me the richest man in the world. Painting is my kingdom, you don't need to knock the door is open, don't ask and you will be given. Painting makes me the king and the servant. Painting is my wine, come my friends and visit me, lets be drunk and stoned. Please come to my island, my refuge and the city of Gods. Painting is my wings. It takes me to the future and to the past. Painting is my long journey to the deep well of my soul. Painting is my language, my music, my cinema and me the real me. Painting is my geography and history ,my science and superstition , my alchemy and my magic , my inner biography and my diary . Painting is a flood coming from unknown source, from a deep archived memory. Painting is a race between my tools and my continuous changing dreams. I dream to paint my dreams, useless, useless, I only grasp a few line from a very long poem. I paint to sleep, wake up, and to tell my self my story, my hope and my despair. I paint my love and joy, my inner feelings and the world outside, my laughter and my tears. I paint what I know and what I don’t fathom. I paint from the border of hallucination and reality. I paint to live, to run away from death and to make my world tolerable. I paint to forget, to remember, to breathe, and to keep my head above water to show or to run away from reality. My painting is a war against all wars, to make peace with the world, nature and my self. It is continuous war with my colors and my brushes, with my ideas and the medium, with my feelings and with my style, and no peace in the horizon. It is unfinished revolution, my scream in the face of cruel and absurd world, my dictionary and my guiding star in my journey to the unattainable. I paint to show where I am going and from where I come from. Mahmoud Zayed Ottawa/ 2008

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I Am The Night (the memoir of Apollo Aeon)
This is not your ordinary vampire book. But then again, Apollo is not your ordinary vampire. "I Am The Night" is the fictional memoir of a more than 3,000 year old vampire. Fed up with the monotony and loneliness if immortality, Apollo has decided that suicide is the only way out. But, what of his ages of wisdom? Apollo decided to leave behind this memoir that not only chronicles HIS story, but also the story of mankind. Through his observations of, and advice for the weaker species, he hopes to guide them toward the salvation of the human race, and the planet. That's his stated agenda at least. Could this ancient creature be intent on truly saving the human race... or are his true intentions something far more sinister?

India Was One
What would you do if your country was divided? Where would you go?

Dark Tidings - ancient magic meets the Internet - 99c
What happens when ancient magic meets the internet? One thing is certain, modern life will never be the same again. A thousand years ago, a young thief, Tung, and a disgraced wizard, Madrick, are thrust together in an executioner’s dungeon. In the darkness, Madrick reveals an incredible secret about a legendary spell. The great spell helps them escape their prison cell... and eventually their century. Catapulted into the present day, their lives collide with Michael, a computer hacker who plans to destroy the world’s largest bank. But sinister people are tracking their every move and they will stop at nothing to steal their spell. Funny and frightening, Dark Tidings is book one of the spellbinding ‘Ancient magic meets the Internet’ trilogy.

Painting of Tamal Sen Sharma
Mixed media, http://www.tamalsensharma.com

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I Am The Night (the memoir of Apollo Aeon)
This is not your ordinary vampire book. But then again, Apollo is not your ordinary vampire. "I Am The Night" is the fictional memoir of a more than 3,000 year old vampire. Fed up with the monotony and loneliness if immortality, Apollo has decided that suicide is the only way out. But, what of his ages of wisdom? Apollo decided to leave behind this memoir that not only chronicles HIS story, but also the story of mankind. Through his observations of, and advice for the weaker species, he hopes to guide them toward the salvation of the human race, and the planet. That's his stated agenda at least. Could this ancient creature be intent on truly saving the human race... or are his true intentions something far more sinister?

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My company is a publishing company where I am C.E.O. I write Articles on various topics. Hiw to books. Inspiration. And Spiritual ebooks. Romance. Scifi.Mistery and suspence novellad.ebooks. I am also a Songwriter. And a Poet.

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sofa-shot Rosie Tirant-Longhurst, aka A.R. Tirant, was born in the Seychelles in November 1958. The daughter of a policeman and, the eldest in a family of four brothers and four sisters. She grew up on the northern coast of Mahe island, in the tiny seaside village of Beau-Vallon. Her working life started in 1975 as a nurse at Mahe’s Victoria Hospital, and followed thereafter by a long career in the Hotel Industry. She emigrated to England in 1995, and lives in West Sussex with her husband. She has two grown-up sons and a granddaughter. Rosie wasn’t born with a pen in her hand, far from it. Life growing up was hard and strict. The home comforts we all now take for granted was but a dream for the young girl whose days was divided between household chores, cooking, cleaning and looking after her young siblings. Water for all the household use had to be carried from the stream, with one hand holding the pail on her head, whilst keeping the second pail in her other hand from spilling. Education only happened because it was the one way of getting some rest during the daytime, even if the chores still had to be done by the lights of the coconut oil lamp. They were difficult times, times when she would lean against the pillar of the outdoor kitchen while waiting for dinner in those black pots to finally get ready, and stare at the tropical skies above, marvelling at the diamond beauty of the scattering of stars, and wishing for a different life . . . “Echoes from the Oasis” is her debut novel which will be followed by other titles in the same series.

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