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Title : "The Ballade of the Twins" - the 2nd novelette of the fantasy novel-cycle "The Songs of Peter Sliadek" by Henry Lion Oldie
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"The Ballade of the Twins", is the 2nd novelette of the fantasy novel-cycle The Songs of Peter Sliadek by Henry Lion Oldie is available for purchase: Amazon: Smashwords: Historical adventure and poetic fantasy; Medieval Europe. 16540 words, only $0,99! Each man in the world has a doppelganger, or a twin. Father Ignatius is a righteous monk, but his doppelganger, Judge Jodem Langbard, is a sadistic murderer. Father Ignatius’s righteousness and piety make his doppelganger more and more cruel and bloodthirsty. How does one destroy this lethal bond? THE BALLADE OF THE TWINS is the 2nd novelette of the novel-cycle The Songs of Peter Sliadek by Henry Lion Oldie. The entire novel consists of 12 novelettes. The book received the "Sigma-F" Grand Prize at "Sigma-F Conference" in Moscow, Russia in 2005. Now it is available in English! Book trailer: Translators: Irena Pevzner, Michael Pevzner (Israel) Editor: Melissa Bikichky (USA) Proofreaders: Melissa Bikichky (USA), Anna Kimaeva, Ekaterina Kimaeva (Canada) Cover painting: Vladimir Bondar (Ukraine) Cover design: Bronya Gromova (Ukraine) Book trailer: Bronya Gromova (Ukraine) H. L. Oldie's official English WEB-site: Welcome!
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