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People, Children, Faces. (PLAY)
This is a play about children born as twins, and their often tragic fate. Some of them had to die and some were hidden away and even sold. Many read, saw and remember the "Iron Mask". This play is written in the classic poetic style of the rhythm and rhyme. This book is also illustrated with vintage and antique drawings and engravings. This is good to read and most likely, to act in the theatrical setting.
You and I
This is a collection of poetry was written at different times and in different places, and covers an array of subjects from romance, through life to politics. This collection of poetry is well written and produced.
Miles of Thought
Miles of Thoughts is a collection of short stories and humorous, sometimes political, essays. Yes, it will make you smile. The author was trying to express his opinion on many issues without offending anyone. Did it work? You have to judge for yourselves.
And Winds of Revolution Blew...
The time is now, a few years after the former Soviet Union became democratic and friendly with the whole world. The military exercises on the American soil would mark the new beginning in the East-West relations. That is when the anti-Western coalition led by the FSB (successor of the KGB) is planning to attack taking the world over by force. The new war, as a chess game, unfolds with masterful moves of the FSB General Konev and folds in with the masterful counter-moves of the American General Foster. This is a riveting novel of international intrigue that brings the work to the brink of World War III.
The time is now. The former Soviet Republics have become officially democratic and friendly with the whole world. The crime is on the rise. In the seventies and the eighties, thousands of Soviet Jews left the country. The Antisemitism, social and political issues made it more and more unbearable. The sudden opening in the policy made it possible to leave the country and free themselves. Years later, they are people of the world while the Russian crime is choking it. Alex, a Russian born former Israeli commando, is called to help in destroying the Russian Mafia operating in Russia and in the West. This is his chance to bay back for the death of the parents. "From Russia with Hate" is connected to the previous Mr. Zubry book "And Winds of Revolution Blew..." but not necessarily a continuation. Yet, some characters are the same.
Miles of Experience (Revised)
From the Publisher Boris Zubry is a writer to be reconed with, one who speak out with the power of the printed word on the injustices of our time. Most of these stories do not end happily. But they do awaken us to how we choose to live our lives. The lessons to be learned are worthwhile. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. From the Author I tried to tell my stories in the same way we often see the world, in real colors. The happy end is not the end we experience at the completion of every story we are living through. I tried to present a photograph rather than a painting. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
This is a riveting novel (memories) of life of the American cat. An American feline cat, Puska, lived with the same man for eighteen years. All her life. Before she dies, Puska leaves the “Memoirs” recalling her life and her views on many issues. These memoirs take us to numerous places in the US and around the world. The reader would visit California, Texas, New Jersey, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Russia and meet many wonderful animals living there. Puska befriends all of them having her take on these places through their and her own perspective.
Miles of Learning is a collection of short stories and humorous, sometimes political, essays. Yes, it will make you smile, and it is not infected by the politically correct statements. The author was trying to express his opinion on many issues without offending anyone. Did it work? You have to judge for yourselves while traveling around the world. So, fasten your safety belts and let's go.
Sarah's Song
5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars By Renee Georgoudakis Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase Beautifully written. It touches the heart, and stirs emotions. It’s the 1940’s, in rural East Tennessee, Appalachian country. For most everyone, there is only work, and possibly church, if there’s one nearby. People rise before the sun is up, work hard, go to bed early, and rest in church on Sunday. Little chance for much else to happen. Right? So, why would keeping one little secret for over sixteen years be so important? What could possibly have happened, that could change the lives of so many people, if the secret were to be revealed? There are only three people alive that know the answer to that question. For now.
Things He Hadn't Told Her
What if you only had one chance? Would you take it, or be too afraid to? Thankful for second chances, Chad Edwards contemplated these questions as he wrote in his journal for a high school assignment, long before he knew just how prophetic those words would become in his life. Now a student of sports medicine at the University of Tennessee, Chad and his best friend Cole Rivers, who is the Volunteer's star quarterback, meet Maggie Thompson, an aspiring music teacher. The three become close friends. Maggie is the personification of perfection in Chad and Cole's eyes, and as fate would have it, they both fall in love with her. Just when you think you know what's to come, fate steps in again, and changes everything, leaving you not only anxious to find out what happens, but hoping for that second chance.This is not only a story about second chances. It's a story about the cost and rewards of an undying loyalty between friends, through tragedy and love, which once upon a time, was as valued as a person's word of honor. Don't miss your chance to accompany them on their intriguing journey!
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