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Reflections on Humanity: Personal Commentaries on the Human Condition
In this candid narrative, the author presents his unique perspectives on the human condition. The text is infused with personal anecdotes and conceptions derived from lessons learned throughout his life. Playfully didactic and poignantly serious at once, his message resonates with an admixture of disillusionment and hope. The author assumes free reign to serve as both a participant and an objective observer of the foibles inherent in being human — specifically, the need and desire to set ourselves “above” others. He points out that this conception is entirely illusory, as humanity pursues its habitual practices of deception, superficiality, and false precepts, favoring acquisition, giving in to addiction, and other self-destructive behaviors. In so doing, we move farther and farther from our Creator. The author emphasizes that only when we commune with our Creator can we be truly free and open to His perfect plan and begin to live authentic lives, separate and apart from the “culture of more.” In so doing, we become more deeply in tune with our true essence and the intrinsic goodness that we were meant to exhibit in all aspects of life. This book is a must-read for those who go through life seeking to encounter TRUTH. Whether or not you agree with the author’s assertions, you won’t regret taking this engaging journey. Along the way, you’ll find some priceless treasures – including yourself.
Add Humor To Your Life; Add Life To Your Humor
The best book ever on how to supercharge your humor and add zest to your life.
Down by the Sea and Other Tales of Dark Destiny
Who knows her serial-killer son better than dear old mom? How does a fairy-tale fantasy become one family’s undoing? What happens when you wake up in someone else’s corpse, and your nightmare’s just begun? How will you ever look at leaf blowers the same way again? These are just some of the ideas explored in this 13-story collection examining the lives of people bound to the shadowy side of fate.
Jeremiah Outlaw is creating Science Fiction Stories on Wattpad
Cross Roads is set to be a slice of life/science fiction web novel that consists the theme of “magical girls”. This is inspired by many anime shows like Sailor Moon. The whole entire trope of the magical girl will not be focused like any other type of cartoon show that consists of them. However, this is a deconstruction of this particular theme. What makes them popular and what makes them important in their own life. Pretty much, I will not be focusing on the glitz and glamour of a magical girl/superhero, but more behind the scenes and how it effects the people around them.
A Brand New Sci-fi Book Series!
MATURE AUDIENCES - VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED! In a series of bizarre murders around the Sycamore University, now more than ever people are getting restless and scared. With no end in sight, a gift from heaven (so to speak) comes knocking on their doorstep. A group of magical young ladies with immense strength and unfathomable intelligence, arrives as a godsend. As they delve deeper into the investigation, a story between what is righteous and what isn't stands firmly in the presence of what is really happening around campus.
The Living Your Life To the Fullest series
Books that will add zest to your lives - especially if you are over 50.Creative, fun, and full of great stuff!
Maldene II in pre-release
On May 15 the next novel in the epic Maldene series will be released (ebook only). “Maldene II: Mysteries Of Olde” picks up the story of Sabu, Eldar, Sindar, and their companions to hunt down the secret of a mysterious map they found back in the bowels of Thïr Tÿorca. A map that will lead them to the most incredible secret that the world of Maldene possesses. As around the world the forces of the villainous Miro begin to move towards a war centuries in the planning, it may be that what this map leads to may be the only way of stopping him… unless that is exactly what Miro wants. The first novel, Maldene Volume One and Maldene Volume Two, is already available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Read them now then preorder the epic (1000+ page) full novel, Maldene II, before May 15. Preorder price is $5.50 before it goes up to its regular price of $7.50. “A world beyond time... an adventure beyond imagining.”
People, Children, Faces. (PLAY)
This is a play about children born as twins, and their often tragic fate. Some of them had to die and some were hidden away and even sold. Many read, saw and remember the "Iron Mask". This play is written in the classic poetic style of the rhythm and rhyme. This book is also illustrated with vintage and antique drawings and engravings. This is good to read and most likely, to act in the theatrical setting.
You and I
This is a collection of poetry was written at different times and in different places, and covers an array of subjects from romance, through life to politics. This collection of poetry is well written and produced.
Miles of Thought
Miles of Thoughts is a collection of short stories and humorous, sometimes political, essays. Yes, it will make you smile. The author was trying to express his opinion on many issues without offending anyone. Did it work? You have to judge for yourselves.
And Winds of Revolution Blew...
The time is now, a few years after the former Soviet Union became democratic and friendly with the whole world. The military exercises on the American soil would mark the new beginning in the East-West relations. That is when the anti-Western coalition led by the FSB (successor of the KGB) is planning to attack taking the world over by force. The new war, as a chess game, unfolds with masterful moves of the FSB General Konev and folds in with the masterful counter-moves of the American General Foster. This is a riveting novel of international intrigue that brings the work to the brink of World War III.
The time is now. The former Soviet Republics have become officially democratic and friendly with the whole world. The crime is on the rise. In the seventies and the eighties, thousands of Soviet Jews left the country. The Antisemitism, social and political issues made it more and more unbearable. The sudden opening in the policy made it possible to leave the country and free themselves. Years later, they are people of the world while the Russian crime is choking it. Alex, a Russian born former Israeli commando, is called to help in destroying the Russian Mafia operating in Russia and in the West. This is his chance to bay back for the death of the parents. "From Russia with Hate" is connected to the previous Mr. Zubry book "And Winds of Revolution Blew..." but not necessarily a continuation. Yet, some characters are the same.
Miles of Experience (Revised)
From the Publisher Boris Zubry is a writer to be reconed with, one who speak out with the power of the printed word on the injustices of our time. Most of these stories do not end happily. But they do awaken us to how we choose to live our lives. The lessons to be learned are worthwhile. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. From the Author I tried to tell my stories in the same way we often see the world, in real colors. The happy end is not the end we experience at the completion of every story we are living through. I tried to present a photograph rather than a painting. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
This is a riveting novel (memories) of life of the American cat. An American feline cat, Puska, lived with the same man for eighteen years. All her life. Before she dies, Puska leaves the “Memoirs” recalling her life and her views on many issues. These memoirs take us to numerous places in the US and around the world. The reader would visit California, Texas, New Jersey, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Russia and meet many wonderful animals living there. Puska befriends all of them having her take on these places through their and her own perspective.
Miles of Learning is a collection of short stories and humorous, sometimes political, essays. Yes, it will make you smile, and it is not infected by the politically correct statements. The author was trying to express his opinion on many issues without offending anyone. Did it work? You have to judge for yourselves while traveling around the world. So, fasten your safety belts and let's go.
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