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E.M.A.: The Hunger for Revenge
​Emily Crowley and Sophia Cavora’s lives changed forever on one fateful night. Both struck by tragedy at such a young age are now on a mission to learn the entire truth. Their lives will forever be entangled by the events of a single night. They appear to be polar opposites, but are they more alike than meets the eye? The first book in the Element Mastery Academy Series is currently on sale at: and
Freckles the Clown
As the 20th anniversary of their friendship approaches, Freckles the Clown wants to celebrate with Jim. But, Jim doesn’t like Freckles at all. He never considered Freckles to be his friend. As a matter of fact, Jim is terrified of the cannibal clown that forces him year after year to partake in his debauchery. Determined to put an end to his living nightmare, Jim sets out to murder Freckles before he can kill again. But, Freckles has other plans for him. He’s just getting started.
What Happened To Mary Faye Hunter?
A love story, a murder, and a small town mystery based on a true story. Mary Faye Hunter disappeared from the streets of Decatur, Alabama on May 6,1967. Five months later her skeletal remains were found on a mudflat of the Tennessee River. Her murder becomes a cold cold that would not be solved for over 50 years. With the help of retired State Investigator Bob Hancock, the case is finally resolved. The person who murdered Mary Faye, and the question of why is revealed. The reader will know what happened to Mary Faye Hunter.
Nerve Damage by Tom Combs
A break-through experimental treatment developed by emergency physician and medical researcher Drake Cody places he and his family in deadly peril. A brilliant but deranged agent of the trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry will stop at nothing - including murder - to get possession of the invaluable drug. Murder, greed, intrigue, violence, and life or death challenges force Drake and his wife to battle for their children, their love, and their lives. Readers are exposed to the blast-furnace emotions of emergency and critical care action, and the twisted underbelly of the "business" of healthcare with its mega-dollar temptations. John Grisham introduced legal suspense and thrills to the mainstream - Tom Combs has done the same with the world of medicine in book one of this riveting series.
Hard to Breathe by Tom Combs
ER doctor and medical researcher Drake Cody has a hidden past no physician is allowed to have… When an injured woman presents to the ER with a report of a fall, Drake reports to police his suspicion that her powerful businessman husband is guilty of domestic violence. Within hours, Drake’s medical license and the rights to his breakthrough experimental drug are threatened. Murder, billion-dollar intrigue, and corruption involving the most powerful elements in business and medicine threaten Drake’s career, those he loves, and his life. Can the law deliver justice, or will it abandon Drake as he battles forces driven by greed and the lust for power? Hard to Breathe is a fast-paced, intense, twisting thrill ride involving individuals you care about and realities that affect us all.
Wrongful Deaths by Tom Combs
People go to the hospital to be cured—not killed. Patients are dying, and malpractice is the claim. Is incompetence the cause, or is it something even worse? Emergency doctor Drake Cody must stop the mysterious hospital deaths while also facing an invasion of deadly new opioid drugs that are turning his ER and city into a war zone. Overdoses, malpractice, and murder—wrongful deaths all. The disasters shred Drake, both as a doctor and a man, when a young patient of his dies unexpectedly and the killer drug strikes down the person he loves most. Nothing is as it seems as Drake and police confront evil hiding where none suspect it. How many more will die? Wrongful Deaths puts the readers on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic and exposes intrigue, greed, and crime within the medical, legal and business worlds in this action-packed tale involving characters you care about. Emotion and pulse-pounding suspense surge, as Drake and those he loves battle to survive.
Glory for the Brave
Glory for the Brave is based on the real-life experiences of Charlotte McKay. In 1862 when Charlotte volunteered as a Union nurse, society condemned the idea of women caring for men outside their immediate families. Army nursing thrust her into a world of discrimination, alcohol abuse, and violence. The average age of a Civil War soldier was 25, but many were teenagers, living for the first time beyond parental and church restraints. Public scorn kept some females from pursuing positions altogether. Even if women behaved admirably, serving with the military could ruin reputations. Only rare heroines managed to endure battlefield conditions. Despite the overwhelming odds, Charlotte found a place in a male-dominated society and earned the gratitude of sick and wounded soldiers. The novel was honored to be chosen as a finalist in the Bob Rich book edit contest. Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf lrf pdb html
During the worst blizzard in decades, a local gentry, the enigmatic Lord Mabbott, falls from his study window and it is at once assumed to be suicide. Lateral thinking private detective John Handful is not so convinced and is determined to prove otherwise and make it his business to know what other people don't know. Never mind that Lord Mabbott was being blackmailed over an affair with a transgender stepsister-in-law or that the window he jumped from on the fourth floor was locked from the inside. Before long, another body turns up, believed to be Lord Mabbott's former lover. The hunt is on to solve the case, and although, John Handful faces fresh adversaries with a stream of alibis and a host of conflicting motives, he is determined to solve the riddle - despite the best efforts of the challenging Mabbott family.
Let Me Tell You a Story
How did a young mail carrier from Oklahoma put together a ranch in southeastern Colorado during the depression when others were losing theirs? This delightful booklet tells the story of how my grandfather, Laurence Horner, put our family ranch together in southeastern Colorado during the depressions. Harold Horner, my dad begins the tale in Oklahoma and how the young Horner's ended up in a small ranching community in southeastern Colorado. Harold details the process of how my grandfather bought homestead near each other to build our family ranch. He shares about his family and beginning experience as a rancher. Take a step back in time and witness this family story unfold.
When Will Papa Get Home?
This poignant historical novel of immigration takes you to the high plains of southeastern Colorado, where a Mexican-American girl grows up knowing that her father has been imprisoned for ten years for something he didn’t do. In When Will Papa Get Home?, Maria is taken back to her childhood home when she comes across a blue marble in her jewelry box. She remembers herself as an eight-year-old girl playing with the marble while waiting for her father to return to the rock-and-adobe homestead house her family had built with their own hands. Based on the tale of “the Philly Place” that author Larada Horner-Miller has heard her whole life, this novel imagines the life of the person who might have left that very same blue marble behind, to be discovered by Horner-Miller while exploring her family ranch many decades later. Through the fictitious daughter of a man named Philadelphia Gonzales, this novel relates the experiences of a Mexican-American community struggling to live the American dream while surrounded by often-hostile Anglos. Yet, amid the prejudice and injustice are many who are kind and welcoming. These characters, along with Maria’s own determination and personal growth, create an inspiring, uplifting tale.
This Tumbleweed Landed
Growing up as a member of a ranching family in Branson, a small town in southeastern Colorado, provided author Larada Horner-Miller a treasure-trove of stories, characters, and emotional moments that make up her touching memoir, This Tumbleweed Landed. This collection of poems and prose transports readers back to rural America during the fifties and sixties, to one idyllic, tight-knit community in particular. Each of the book’s eight sections weaves a nostalgic yarn that tells of playtimes with friends and neighbors, favorite hiding places, living without a telephone for the first eleven years of life, and the touching memories of growing up on a ranch community. Whether it is Saturday night dances or hot days working with 4-H at the county fair, the poems and pages roll along like a tumbleweed in search of a place to land. Readers will find themselves longing to go back to this very specific time and place, whether they actually experienced it in their own lives or not. Read about this daddy’s little girl and her adventures that mold and shape her formative years. Where will this tumbleweed land, and what kind of woman will she be when she finally arrives?
The Gift of Love
Love, Betrayal, Deception, Kidnapping, Conspiracy. Set on a lovely Caribbean island, The Gift of Love is filled with suspense and mystery,Crystal is torn between fulfilling her dying father’s wish for her to marry Peter, and her undying love for her boyfriend Barry. Why was her daughter Lauren kidnapped, and by whom? Only one man is willing to investigate her daughter's disappearance. Who is he? What was The Gift of Love and who was the recipient? The Book is the exciting prequel to the mystery/detective series Barry Holmes Investigates. You would not want to miss this
Strength for the Disheartened: Motivational Poems
Strength for the Disheartened: Motivational Poems is the author's debut collection of Motivational and Inspirational Poems with colourful illustrations. This collection is intended to empower the disheartened, discouraged, and persons who have lost faith and hope. It is the poet's wish that the poems will brighten the readers' lives and be a light unto their path.
Zeeka's Child
Zeeka's Child is the second episode of the five-book science fiction series Revenge of Zeeka. The book, which can be read as a standalone evolves into a more complicated plot. Janet is pregnant. Who is the father? In Book 1 it was assumed that Zeeka was a scientist. The police are searching for Dr. Jason Stephens, but are they chasing the wrong suspect? Quirky Detective Jack Wildy and his counterpart Jerry Cole join the investigation into the criminal act at the carnival celebrations. Can they deal with serious criminal issues like kidnapping, threatened suicide, killer zombies, and arson? Who would want to kidnap Janet, and why? Who will reveal Zeeka's secrets and identity? Who is the mystery Master Zeeka and who is Zeeka's child? Review "The second book answers many questions the first book left us with, but it also poses many new questions. That's why I am already looking forward to reading the third book. I read this book in one sitting since it's difficult to put down once one starts to read it. The story itself is quite complex for such a short book. There are not many authors who can say so much without wasting a single word. Brenda Mohammed excels in this respect." [Amazon Reviewer]."
Travel Memoirs with Pictures: Exploring the world
Looking for Travel Ideas? Travel Memoirs with Pictures: Exploring the World is a beautifully illustrated picture book filled with reflections of the author's travels around the world. In this pictorial travel book of the author's priceless memories, she describes places visited and the wonderful times she and her family had in their tourist trips. The book is great to read while on a vacation or for some travel inspiration. REVIEW An informative and enjoyable book to read. The author writes of her world travels with her family. She shares her experiences with the reader. You'll read of the various sites to see in each location, the restaurants with delicious foods, and which restaurants are more reasonable in cost and which more expensive. She writes of the various ways to travel and of the climate of the location. You read her travels to different locations in the world: Paris, Germany, Amsterdam (Holland), New York (USA), Los Angeles, California(USA), Las Vegas, Nevada (USA), London (United Kingdom), Toronto (Canada), Colorado (USA), New Orleans (USA), Italy, Spain, Miami (USA), Orlando (USA), Caribbean Vacations, Anguilla, Puerto Rico, Caracas, Barbados, Cruise to the Bahamas, Cartegena, Cruise to Cozumel (Mexico), Trinidad and Tobago. Nearing the end of her book she ends with a delightful poem of her travels. This was a nice touch. Amazon Reviewer
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