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Title : What Are IP Addresses in Home Networking?
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There are a few well-known router manufacturers which make it possible for everyone to have its own wireless connection. In the router package there is normally a setup CD which makes it easy to set up the router for the first time and a well-documented user’s manual. If for any reason you don’t have the setup CD or it won’t work you can still setup the router easily by accessing the router’s web based utility. One of the several IP addresses used to login to the router’s web based utility is and we are going to use it as an example in this article. Of course, you can easily check whether this is your router IP. There are several ways to do this: - Type in the browser’s URL bar (this will only tell you whether this IP is the right one. If it isn’t use the next methods.) - Check the user’s manual - Check the router and find a sticker with the login details on it - Use the Command Prompt in Windows (the easy, yet geeky way to find the default router IP)
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