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Title : Why the Facilitated Publishing Model is Good for You
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Poetry Publication Packages At NavWorks Press, we take our press imprint and reputation seriously, so we will not publish substandard work. We will, however, go to great lengths to collaborate with poets to prepare their work to be publication ready. If we accept your work for publication, you will choose a publication package and thereby be a partner in the publication of your work. The most notable benefit to you is that this is not self-publishing because we are an independent press, we have to accept the submitted work, and we are publishing under our imprint, NavWorks Press. You will need to submit your work to us for acceptance. You will receive higher royalties for books sold through us. You will be able to order as many books as you like at any time at publisher’s wholesale (typically $3.50 for 50 page softcover) to sell yourself for FULL royalties. Some other major publishers like Penguin and Random House call this model a "Co-Publishing Model." But we do more for you and keep costs low. For more information and submission guidelines, check out
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