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Title : Benefits and Best Practices of Mobile Technology Learning
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New developments and progressions in mobile technology (m-technology) have revealed that they have the greatest potential for the educational sector. It has been found that the modern-day educational centers prefer to use mobile technology in the classrooms than ever before. It is a considerable fact that over 50% of school going children currently own a mobile phone device. Because m-technology is becoming widespread and very prominent in the lives of children, a vast majority of the schools, across the world, are using it for educating students. The continued adoption of m-technology in educational domain is just because of revolutionary benefits it brought to in the students’ lives and it really has modified the learning and teaching approach. Behold the following splendid benefits of mobile use in the classroom settings: • Preparing contemporary students for their future employment career; • Improved and updated learning information as well as its strategies; • Ideal alternative approach to heavy textbooks through online sources, and e-Books are its best example; • Encourages students to involve in studies even when they are out of the boundaries of classroom; In fact, this is the era of premium smartphones that have also offered a new and innovative means for students to make their study via m-technology easier. There are many diverse approaches of how the modern-day educational centers can strengthen and promote m-technology in classroom and at home to encourage students. These are actually the Best Practices, which are as follows: Flipped Learning A popular blended learning process is an approach to motivate students after school review, and this approach has been adopting by many educators all over the world. The modern schools can adopt the Flipped Learning process and by using this, teachers are able to provide students with best learning materials in a variety of forms, including text, images and video, or any sort of content. This approach is extremely effective as students are motivated towards their study even at home. Basically, it flips the process of traditional classroom where a student learns within the four corners of the classroom, while completing their homework at home. Engaging Students & Teachers Simultaneously A fact can’t be denied that m-technology has greatly influenced and revolutionized the entire educational sector all over the world. M-technology has the potential to engage both students and teachers at the same time. Now, students and teachers can maximize the mobile devices with the core objective of making the learning and teaching experience more interactive and engaging. Mobile devices provide students with more reliable and authentic resources that they can view when they want, regardless of time and space. In fact, the Internet is providing an abundance of authentic information to students and the mobile devices and tablets are now available for them through which they can get instant information. Similarly, m-technology has enabled teachers to get rid of all their hectic works and they are now able to make their workload easier. It is now possible for teachers because smartphones and tablets provides lots of educators’ apps that allow teachers to construct engaging and interactive learning materials in a very efficient and effective way. It can be really said that m-technology has revolutionized the entire educational sector very positively. Parental Support One of the most crucial practices that need to be done to make mobile learning very successful is for parents to understand and acknowledge m-technology and its positive effects on education of their children. In fact, parental support is imperative and while accepting m-technology, parents also have the responsibility for monitoring their children when they use mobile devices but in a very kind manner. It is expected that new and innovative technology will continue to transform the world’s educational sector in 2016. Now, it is the core responsibility of parents and educational centers that they play their roles to make students smart, intelligent and most importantly quite responsible tech users to avoid any kind of problems. Author Bio Chris James is a professional and skilled mobile apps developer as well as experienced teacher linked with an online essay writing company to provide knowledge about the mobile technology and new apps to the technology students.
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