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Economies in Danger
The three dangers. Is there any dry powder left? Who will bail out the Wizards?
Real Estate's Next Crisis
What are real estate's long-term trends? How will demographics affect real estate's arc? How will real estate stocks and ETFs be affected?
America Is Broke Again
America is broke again, or perhaps more accurately, still broke. Read my article about some of the challenges facing the Trump presidency in the effort to Make America Great Again.
Selidbe: veliki vodič kroz sve moguće zamke i situacije
Pri samoj pomisli na selidbu mnogi ljudi dozive veliki stres i ne znaju odakle poceti sa pospremanjem I pakovanjem stvari. Medju retkim sretnicima su oni koji kompletnu selidbu prepuste nekom drugom a sa sobom ponesu samo putnu torbu. Kada je rec o mladim ljudima I studentima svakako da se oni mogu preseliti sa jednim koferom I rancem ali kada smo stariji, imamo porodicu tu je vec situacija potpuno drugacija. U tom slucaju je potrebno mnogo vise napora pa I novca kako bismo prebacili sav namestaj, tehniku I ostalo. Troskovi selidbe ne moraju biti veliki. Ako se pravilno organizujete I sve pripremite na vreme potrebno je da angazujete profesionalce odnosno pronadjete agenciju koja se profesionalno bavi selidbama I to je jedna od najvecih stavki I troskova koje selidba sa sobom nosi. Cena angazovanja firme ili agencije za selidbe zavisi od vise faktora a to su pre svega udaljenost odnosno lokacija i kolicina namestaja i drugih stvari,zato su tu zbog vas selidbe beograd. Vase je da sve na vreme pazljivo pripremite kako bi radnici koje ste angazovali to sto bolje I brze spakovali u kamion I odvezli na Vasu novu lokaciju. Specijalni tereti se I posebno naplacuju na sta takodje treba obratiti paznju. Kada se kaze specijalan teret tu se uglavnom misli na skupocene klavire, vredne a teske sefove, radne masine I sl. Kada je profesionalna pomoc na Vasem pragu ne morate brinuti I stvarati preveliku nervozu I stres, jer ce svaki Vas komad namestaja ili neki drugi Vama posebno drag predmet biti bezbedno I bez ikakvog ostecenja prebacen na novu adreu. Na Vama je da nakon toga svom novom zivotnom prostoru date neki samo Vama svojstven pecat, a sve ono staro ostavite za sobom.
Desert safari dubai
You can get plenty of deals from us which will help you plan your trip without any hassles at all. All you have to do is select the deal that fits your budget from below and we will take care of the rest.Desert safari dubai the best part is you can not only get the best deals for the ride in Dubai but we offer wonderful rates for Desert Safari UAE as well. Which basically comes down to this: Get in touch with us if you are visiting Dubai or other emirate in the UAE for desert safari and we will make sure you get the best and the most exhilarating experience.
Top-Notch, Affordable Videos For Businesses
You don't necessarily have to pay a lot of money for high-quality video production for your small to medium-sized business. My company, BestBiz Toons can produce top-notch videos for branding, customer interest/engagement and customer acquisition at prices that are hard to believe. Let me prove this to you. Visit my site at or my LinkedIn profile at and let's talk.
A Chapter from my Book "From the Boardroom to the Cleaning Room and Back
Obviously, the Choice is Yours What is the Life Expectancy of Your Job or Business?
audit service in dubai
Audit & Assurance Our experts with varied industry experience and backgrounds give customized independent professional opinions to the decision makers and stake holders to reduce the information risk and make more confident decisions. An assurance service also revealsthe performance and health of the company. Statutory Audit Statutory audit is a legally required review of the accuracy of a company's financial recordsby following auditing standards generally accepted in the country and obtain an understanding of the entity’s internal control by obtaining audit evidence through examination and inspection of books and stock, inquiry, observation, confirmations, analytical and other procedures. Our auditors with industry experience examine and determine whether an organization is providing a fair and accurate representation of its financial position. UAE Federal Law No 2 of 2015 (Article 102 of the Commercial Companies Law 2015) stipulates that that a Limited Liability Company shall have one or more auditors to be elected by the General Assembly of the partners every year and, other than as provided by Article (244) of this Law, the provisions concerning the auditors in public joint stock companies shall apply to the auditor of a Limited Liability Company. Article 246 Duties of the Joint Stock Company Auditors stipulates that the auditor shall audit the accounts of the company, inspect the balance sheet and the profit and loss account, review the transactions of the company with the related parties and ensure the application of the provisions of this Law and the Articles of Association of the company. The auditor shall provide a report on the result of such inspection to the General Assembly and dispatch a copy of the report to the Authority. Upon preparing his report, the auditor shall confirm the following: A. The extent of validity of the accounting records kept by the company. B. The extent of agreement between the records of the company and the accounting records. 3. The auditor shall review all the records, papers and other documents of the company. The auditor mayrequire such explanations as the auditor may deem necessary to perform his duties. The auditor may alsoverify the assets, rights and obligations of the company. 4. If no facilities are provided to the auditor to perform his duties, the auditor shall state this in his report to the Board of Directors. If the Board of Directors fails to facilitate the task of the auditor, the auditor shall send a copy of the report to the Authority. 5. The subsidiary and its auditor shall provide such information and explanations as demanded by the auditor of the holding company for the purposes of audit. Internal Audit We at Hussain Al Shemsi Chartered Accountants help our clients to have an independent internal auditing with an objective to add value and improve their operations through our experienced professionals. Our clients will also benefit from the improvement in the effectiveness of risk management, governance processes through internal audit. We also ensure strong internal control systems to minimize the risk of errors, omissions and fraud by having adequate division of authority over major control areas and compliance with internal operating policies and guidelines. We recommend our clients to have interim or full time internal audit to assess the internal control effectiveness and ensure compliance with laws and operational procedures. Risk based approach to internal audit help clients to improve performance and efficiency. Concurrent Audit Our clients reaps the benefit of Concurrent auditlike accuracy, authenticity, effective control, compliance with procedures and guidelinesby having systematic and timely examination of financial transaction withsubstantial checking on a regular basis and or at the time of happening. Revenue Audit InRevenue auditwe examine the information and figures shown by a client in their revenue or tax returns against those shown in their books of accounts and certify accordingly. Stock Audit Apart from Internal Audit or StatutoryAudit, we carry out Stock Audit on behalf of banks and other financial institutions to ensure that the collateral against which funds are lent by the bank to the clients is valued correctly. We follow various stock (inventory) audit procedures subject to size and complexity like physical count, adequacy of sample size, confirmation from other locations, due consideration to high value items, inventory count to the general ledger, inventory check in transit, review of cost (material cost, labour cost, carriage in-ward costs, overhead cost), compare with market rate, valuation of finished goods,application of inventory valuation systems (FIFO, LIFO) etc.
Gold Plated luxury - At Everyday Prices
Here is an opportunity to tap into a virtually UN-tapped market place. For just a few pounds you can create the most amazing - and more importantly, totally unseen before in any high street shop - gift items that will leave recipients of such gifts speechless. To 24k Gold plate an item the size of a mobile phone back case would cost you no more than £5 - and if you look online to see what something like that sells for you will see clearly how profitable plating is. With one of our low-cost DIY kits you can be part of this opportunity, and receive completely free and unlimited support from the most popular, and with the largest range of packages, supplier in the world. Contact us today and be amazed. WELCOME TO THE MAGICAL WORLD OF GOLD PLATING
What is Pure Garcinia cambogia Extract?
Garcinia Cambogia extract is the only herbal extract which has the power to reduce your weight. Many poeples have tried this product and they get a good results. Dr. Oz, is a Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon and discovered this product. garcinia cambogia
5 Things To Consider When Buying Your First Watch
There comes a time in every gentleman’s life when he feels the urge to buy a serious watch, a watch that reflects his personality. The reason why watch is more than an accessory for men is because it helps him enhance charisma and create a strong impression on others. Therefore, one needs to be very careful when buying his first serious watch. Most of the people think that buying a costly, branded watch is enough to create strong impression on others. However, a gentleman does not think the same. Instead of getting ripped off by the brands for the sake of name, a gentleman is always curious to find a watch that really goes along with his personality. Don’t worry if you don’t know what elements you should consider for buying your first watch. Following are some of the most effective elements that you should always consider when buying your first serious watch. Machinery: The first and foremost thing that one should look in a watch is its machinery. Mainly, watches are classified into mechanical and quartz movement. For those who do not know, a mechanical watch does not involve batteries and powered by a simple wound spring. Whereas, a quartz watch is powered by battery and keeps time using the oscillation of a precisely tuned quartz crystal. If you are looking to wear something economical with lower maintenance, then you should prefer buying the quartz one as it mainly requires change of battery, once after few years. On the other hand, if you are willing to wear something classy and vintage, then the mechanical watch should be your preference. Shape and Size: Next thing you should be concerned about when buying a serious watch is its shape and size. Gone are the days when heavy watches with broader dials used to be in trend. These days, slim and sleek watches with average crown sized dials are in trend. The best thing about ultra-slim watches is that they are comfortable under the cuffs and suits every outfit and occasion. Strap Band: Strap of watch is yet another important thing that a serious watch buyer should be concerned about. If you are buying a watch that you are likely to wear for hours, then make sure you are buying it in leather strap. A leather strap does not only enhance the elegance but it is also very comfortable under the cuffs. This way, a leather strap makes a win-win situation for the serious watch buyers. Colour: Another important thing that needs your consideration is colour of dial and strap band. Silver dial with black strap band is undoubtedly an ultimate combination of beauty and elegance but this is not the only combination you have. Not only the strap bands but the dials also come in a wide range of colours including some funky colours including yellow, orange, etc. However, professionals prefer watches with silver or rose-gold dial with a black or brown leather strap. Price: Last but not the least thing you should be concerned about is the price of the watch. Although, most of the renowned watchmakers rip off their customers with high price but there are few high-end watchmakers like Richard Remington offering top-notch watches at affordable prices. So before you decide to buy a watch, make sure to compare the prices as well and go for the one that does not only suits best to your personality but pocket as well.
Start Your Business Today!
Let us help you start your business! We provide Entrepreneurial Development & Business Planning, Feasibility and monthly networking opportunities that help you grow and/or start your business.
Warum Menschen bevorzugen, die schöne Vorhänge für das Wohnzimmer zu wählen?
Die schönen Dinge wäre in der Lage, die Aufmerksamkeit der Menschen, die gleichen, die Vorhänge, die schönes Gardinen Wohnzimmer haben wurden wählten für viele Menschen weil sie machen Wohnzimmer wären schön und anmutig, und wir haben eine Entspannung und gute Erholung im Wohnzimmer, sicherlich mit der schönen Vorhängen, den Grad des Wohnzimmers würde bald verbessert werden. Zunächst die schönes Gardinen Wohnzimmer könnte uns auf den ersten Blick zu gewinnen und bei der Eingabe im Wohnzimmer die Vorhänge würden bald den leuchtenden Punkt, jedes Mal, wenn Sie wieder nach Hause, Sie Laune gehen gut auf einmal, nur weil werden würde die schöne Vorhänge, natürlich habt ihr eine gute Erholung in einer Umgebung mit so zufrieden. Zweitens für die schönes Gardinen Wohnzimmer, sie sollten gut mit der Dekoration-Stile, die verbessern würde die Schönheit-Klasse des Wohnzimmers, wenn wir eine Pause auf dem Sofa haben, abgestimmt werden und sehen die Vorhänge, die fliegen mit dem Wind, eine schöne Stimmung wir hätten, es wäre die Menschen Natur gibt es keine WiderstandsfГ für die schönen Dinge, dasselbe gilt für die schöne Vorhänge, die Fabriken gemacht die Vorhänge ganz schön sein die die verkaufte Menge verbessern können. Mit der Entwicklung der Gesellschaft Menschen sind Aufmerksamkeit auf die Dekoration des Hauses mit der Verbesserung der Lebensbedingungen und Chancen haben sich immer mehr Mitteilungen, wir würden laden die Freunde in dem Haus zu besuchen, die Vorhänge im Wohnzimmer wäre die wichtigsten Dekoration des Hauses, die den Host-Geschmack der Schönheit zeigen würde, und der schöne und geeignete Vorhang die Schönheit des ganzen Raumes hervorheben möchte und auch die Host-Aufwertung für das Hause Ausstattung zeigen kann. Die schöne Vorhänge manchmal wäre das Gesicht des Hosts, und die richtigen Vorhänge würde dazu beitragen, dass der Hosts, mehr Freunde zu besitzen. Zu den oben genannten Inhalt wissen, unserer Meinung nach haben weißt du die Gründe warum Menschen möchten wählen die schönes Gardinen Wohnzimmer, und es hat immer die wichtigsten beliebter Trend, natürlich auch sollten folgen wir dieser beliebten Trend zu bezeugen, dass wir nicht aus der Gesellschaftsmode waren, wir sind immer noch in Mode.
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