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Born to create
Nobody needs art to live, but what is life without art? I would like to introduce myself as a free thinking artist with an abstract graphic style. I don't just decorate a space or object, I try to transform it into an experience. If you are looking to customize your space with a mural or canvas; to add a personal touch to a gift or collectible; or for hand crafted design solutions, you need not look any further. I work with different surfaces such as (walls, wood, canvas, cloth, glass, etc) I work with enthusiasm and love. You will see your concept beautifully transformed while seeing meaning and your own personal touch. Recent projects include yoga hall, spiritual/ prayer room, cafes, living rooms, logos, t shirts, furniture as well as live art at concerts and shows. If my style appeals to you, I will be happy to hear your concept, and take part in the transformation of your art space, through my artistic vision and vivid imagination. You can find some of my work/ creations here: For any queries, I respond promptly to emails on: Here's wishing you a magical day! 😇
Long Established Gallery for SALE
Anybody interested in taking over this profitable Gallery with 30 years history? Location is the key, in Bar Harbor, Maine. close by Acadia National park. SEASONAL, only need to be there for 5 months. A rare opportunity in the most visited town in US. I am moving to HI, too much a travel for me. I have it little over 10 years. contact me at:
Dissertation help
People can imagine how cumbersome it can get to complete a dissertation for academic purpose. It is easier said than done, when it comes to concisely noting down your thoughts. This is when a professional service can be of profound importance as they can provide with accurately written material in a given time frame. Possibly, such services are better suited for the job as they have been doing it for quite some time and also provide you quality outcome. As dissertation and essays form a vital part of the academic life, any student or researcher will find it worthwhile to acquire the services of experts.for more details click here -
Ibn 'Arabi "The Enlightened are not Bound by Religion"
Ibn 'Arabi, The Enlightened are not Bound by Religion Author: Kevser Yesiltash, Translate: Pinar Karaman Kaan, Editor: Clare Duman, Paperback: 362 pages, Publisher: Bookcity.Co; 1 edition (August 23, 2017), Language: English, ISBN-10: 1912311011 ISBN-13: 978-1912311019 The mystical teachings of Ibn ‘Arabi, particularly influential in Anatolia, are rooted in a tens-of-thousands-of-years old knowledge attainment and transfer tradition, which is one of the fundamental cornerstones of Sufism. Through his unique method, Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi performed an unparalleled role in conveying the secrets of the Sufi mystical teachings across the generations. The secrets concealed in his teachings are not immediately revealed, and the knowledge they contain is hidden in such language that those who encounter it are often left in a state of shock and bewilderment. Those who strived to understand this language have been able to discover the real meaning hidden within, yet the majority, without making such an effort, took the meaning at face value and accused Ibn ‘Arabi of being anti-religious. The title of this book, ‘The Enlightened are Not Bound by Religion’, is one of Arabi’s notable sayings. To be able to understand just this saying requires knowledge of many subjects of the mystical teachings. Kevser Yesiltash explores the deep of mystical secrets of his saying in the book.
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How You Can Manage Your Dissertation Writing In One Week
As we know that a dissertation is a structured piece of writing and it is also a lengthy task. You will have to write up to 10,000 words in writing the dissertation. When you are going to write a dissertation, then you will need to make an effective plan and follow this plan strictly. No doubt, it is a difficult task for you to write a dissertation within one week. This is why most of students get help from Dissertation Writing Services to complete the task. In this article, we will provide you a solid plan in order to write a dissertation within a given time. 1st day In the first day, you will need to select an appropriate topic. After selecting an interesting topic, it is also necessary for you to make a dissertation proposal. This dissertation proposal should be written in the professional structure. After making the dissertation proposal, it is also necessary to approve it from your supervisor. 2nd day In the second day, you will need to make an effective plan for your dissertation. In this planning, you should write the main points of the topic in the form of an outline. This outline will provide you a path in order to collect the data. After making an outline, it is also necessary for you to find valid sources for your dissertation. 3rd day In the third day, you will need to collect the data from these sources. After collecting the data, it is also necessary for you to organize the data. In this data organization, you should keep only that data which is necessary to write in your dissertation. 4th day On the fourth day, you should try to write the preliminary pages. These preliminary pages are given below; a) Title page b) Abstract or summary c) Acknowledgement d) Contents e) Table of figures f) Table of contents g) Definitions If these pages are completed in the fourth, then your half burden will be released. 5th day On the fifth day, you should try to write the following things on your body. These things are given below; a) The introduction chapter b) Literature review c) Research methodology d) Results and findings e) Analysis chapter 6th day On the sixth day, you should try to write the remaining things on your body. These things are also given below; a) Discussion b) Conclusion c) Future work d) References e) Bibliography f) Appendices In this way, your work will be completed on the sixth day of the week. 7th day After writing the dissertation, it is also necessary for you to take the reviews from the expert persons on your dissertation. On the seventh day, you should take the reviews from the senior students, professors and also from your class fellows. In this way, they will tell you whether your dissertation is ready for the submission or it requires some editing. In this way, you will be able to edit your dissertation according to the their suggestions. In this way, you will be able to write your dissertation just within a week.
Web Design Company in Dubai UAE - Mocell Solutions
Mocell Solutions is a Web Design Company in Dubai, UAE providing unique and inexpensive website designs that sell your business. We are the best Web Design Company in Dubai, UAE offering Responsive Web Design, Wordpress Web Design. Web Development, Mobile App UI Design, iPhone, iOS, Android Mobile Application Development
Android App Development Company in Dubai UAE - Mocell Solutions
Mocell Solutions is a Android App Development Company in Dubai, UAE specializes in bespoke Android app development that puts the user first and delivers life-enhancing digital experiences. We are the best Android App Development Company in Dubai, UAE offering Android App Development, iPhone App Development, iOS App Development, Hybrid App Development, Web Development, Web App UX, CMS Development, and Wordpress App Development.
iOS App Development Company in Dubai UAE - Mocell Solutions
Mocell Solutions is a iOS App Development Company in Dubai, UAE specializes in bespoke iOS app development that puts the user first and delivers life-enhancing digital experiences. We are the best iOS App Development Company in Dubai, UAE offering Android App Development., iPhone App Development., iOS App Development, Hybrid App Development, Web Development, Web App UX, CMS Development, and Wordpress App Development.
Mobile App Development Company in Dubai UAE - Mocell Solutions
Mocell Solutions is a Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, UAE specializes in bespoke mobile app development that puts the user first and delivers life-enhancing digital experiences. We are the best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, UAE offering Android Mobile App Development, iPhone - iOS Mobile App Development, Hybrid Mobile App Development, Website Development, WordPress Web Design and Web App Development
Writing Selfishly
From a young age, most of us are taught the value of sharing and thinking of others first. These are important lessons, however, when it comes to creative writing a little selfishness can be tolerated. I have been writing for as long as I can remember and when I first took up the idea of writing for publishing I wasted much time writing things I thought others would want to read. This is important, surely, if you want your work to be noticed. But I found that when writing creatively with solely my audience in mind my work felt awkward even to me. It didn't satisfy that little voice inside me that wanted to create and even felt a little pandering. I'm sure, had I published some of this work, the audience would've noticed this also. It wasn't until I began writing selfishly that my work began to feel a little more heartfelt. I figured that, with such a large population and so many varied interests out there I'd find some sort of audience no matter what I wrote. So far I've only published a single book, but many more are on the way and each and every one was written very selfishly and without an eye towards marketability. It remains to be seen how well this strategy will work for me on the marketing side, but most importantly, my little voice has been satisfied and if my work sells well that'll just be some icing on the cake. A couple of closing points here; I'm referring only to creative writing. There are times when it certainly is not ok to write selfishly. For example, if you've been handed an academic assignment to write about the cheese making process and you couldn't care less about the subject, this is not a time to write selfishly. Also I'm sure I'm not the only author to think this way but if you haven't tried writing selfishly I highly recommend it. Write for your own satisfaction and pleasure. I'm betting the heart and soul of your work will show through more clearly than if you write as a slave to marketability.
Benefits Of Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services For Small Business Operators
Scheduling plays an essential role in administrating the various expenses that are received by business operators. The practice of bookkeeping will keep them updated about the mandatory transactions created by them in form of repayment to the suppliers of raw materials for their business, obtaining payments from clients, payment made for purchase of new equipment and equipments, necessary repayments of government, salary to employees, etc. In simple words it could be said that the practice of accounting facilitates the business agent to have a view of the income and expenditure incurred for jogging the business. Initially example, all this appears to be a fairly easy going process as a lot like maintaining monthly details of expenditure at home, but when considering business the scenario is completely different which is mainly scheduled to multifarious activities performed by any organization. Organization groups that are in involved in carious fruitful activities they have expert accountants or accounting and bookkeeping services in dubai to look after various financial transactions taken with a business. But what about small business organizations or start up companies who have limited cash and who cannot get their accounts managed by an expert, accountant, or it is possible for them to look after personally towards all financial activities conducted in his business because of other professional tasks on his shoulder. On the other side retaining the details of accounts is also indispensable for each and every business group to avoid almost any concern related with misappropriation of accounts. As all these activities are conducted on papers retaining their details manually is not only time consuming but also laborious. On the other side all decisions relevant with business are generally taken after assessing the financial condition of an organization, it is vital to notice down every little deal to avoid almost any problem in the accounts. Strangely enough days have gone when all these activities were conducted on papers, in today's scenario of computer age there are different types of software that happen to be helpful in recording the details of financial deals at an ease without wasting any time. Aside, from this there is one more solution where you can hire the services of some accounting group which offer the bookkeeping services for small business at economical charges. Outsourcing the service of bookkeeping has emerged as a new trend in the commercial world and is growing at jet dynamic acceleration among the list of business operators, especially among the list of small business groups. Moreover, as they groups are managed by expert accountants the chances of any error in accounts are incredibly less. These kinds of experts not only look after your accounts, but also suggest you preventative steps which are attractive controlling your overhead assets on various expenses. One other interesting benefit for hiring the services of expert accountancy firm from external sources is that their services can be hired on hourly/weekly and monthly basis. In addition to this, as these experts perform their duties online it is simpler for business operators to check the financial position of his business any time according to his convenience. It would not be wrong to say that the hiring of the services of the pros for looking after the accounts of your business not only saves your time and energy, but also helps in using your energy for the improvement and progress of your business. Moving ahead as there is not much paper work to do it is helpful in minimizing the excessive use of paper in your workplace. Moreover, as every activity is conducted, online it is much easier to copy the information to all business partners concurrently without spending a single moment. Applying the services of professional accountant online also helps you to present the details of your bank account in several ways according to your requirements, as graphic presentation, charts, videos, electricity point presentation to make everyone evidently be familiar with financial situation of your group in easy way.
How To Manage Your Dissertation Writing Task?
A dissertation is a lengthy and time-taking task. If you think that you will be able to write your dissertation within a one day like an essay, then you are wrong. If you want to write your dissertation, then you will have to follow a timetable strictly. If you think that you will be succeeded in writing the dissertation without any hard work, then you are also at fault. In this article, we will give you some tips to complete your dissertation writing task easily. These tips are given below; 1) Set a goal It is necessary for you to set a goal when you want to do a specific task. After setting the goal, you should be determined to achieve that goal. In the similar way, when you are going to write a dissertation, then you should also set a goal that you can easily set with help of a good Dissertation Writing Service. In this regard, you can also set daily and weekly goals. For example, if your goal is to write a dissertation in one month, then you should divide your work in four parts. In the first part, we should keep only the primary pages. This part is further divided into seven parts. In this way we will get a daily schedule. On the first day, we should make the title page and we should also write a summary of our dissertation. On the second day, we should try to write the acknowledgement. On the third day, we should write the author’s declaration. On the fourth day, we should write the contents. On the fifth day, we should prepare the list of figures and list of tables. On the sixth and seventh day, we should try to write the definitions of important terms. In the similar way, second part is also further divided into seven parts. On the second week, we will try to write the body of our dissertation. On the first day, we should try to write the introduction chapter of our dissertation. On the second day, we should try to write the literature review. On the third day, we should try to write the justification of the research methods used. On the fourth day, we should try to write the results chapter. On the fifth day, we should try to write the analysis chapter. On the fifth and sixth days, we should try to write the discussion. On the seventh day, you should take a review of the work. Now, there starts the third week. On the first and second days of this week, you will try to write the conclusion of your dissertation. On the third day, you should write them,” Future work chapter”. On the fourth day, you should gather the sources from where you have collected the data for your dissertation. On the fifth day, you should write the bibliography. On the sixth day, you should write the appendices. On the last day of the week, you should write the glossary and revise the work of the week. The last week of the month is for proofreading and editing. On this week, you should revise your dissertation by yourself and try to fix the errors. Then you should take reviews of the expert persons. You can also contact with the dissertation writing services in this regard. In short, in the last week, you should try to complete the dissertation. 2) Start writing as early as possible When we are asked to write a dissertation, then a deadline to write a dissertation is also given. In this way, it is necessary for us to start the process of writing the dissertation as soon as possible rather than to start it just before the deadline. If we start writing the dissertation early then we will have a lot of time to plan it. In this way, our dissertation will be written accurately. On the other hand, if we try to write a dissertation just before the deadline, then we will not be able to write your dissertation due to the shortage of time. In this way, our dissertation will not be written accurately.
How To Secure Your Grades For The Dissertation?
To write a dissertation in the professional structure doesn’t mean that you will be able to get good grades. No doubt, it is necessary for us to write a dissertation in the professional structure, but if you want to get good grades then this thing is not enough. You will have to do something new if you want to get success. If you don’t know how to get good grades in writing the dissertation, then this article is very important for you. In this article, we will tell you some things that are necessary for you to get good grades. These things are given below;

1) Be innovative
As we know that when you are asked to write a dissertation, then you fellows will also be asked to write a dissertation at the same time. If you want to get good grades, then you will need to do something new. In other words, your dissertation should be different from the other students. If you try to write some new and important things in your dissertation, then your supervisor will be impressed with your work. In this way, there is possibility that he will give good marks to you.

2) Be critical
When you are going to write a dissertation, then there is no need to write common things in your dissertation. You should try to write something new. No doubt, it is very difficult for you, but it is necessary for you if you want to get good grades. If you want to write your dissertation critically then you should read a lot of literature regarding to your field. You can enhance your critical thinking by expressing your views in the seminars and conferences. In this regard, you should try to create a complex argument.

3) Use obscure source material
As we have discussed earlier that there are a lot of students who are asked to write a Dissertation Writing Service along with you. If you want to get good grades, then your dissertation should be written with new knowledge relative to other fellows. In order to get this type of information, you will have to be determined. In this regard, you should try to get information from the research laboratories and less used secondary sources. If you use this material in your dissertation, then it will show your concern with the dissertation to your supervisor. In this way, your supervisor will give you good grades.

4) Write your dissertation with sequence
The sequence is also an important thing if you want to get good grades. This sequence is necessary in the professional structure of your dissertation. Moreover, this sequence is also necessary in the dissertation content. If you want to explain something in your dissertation, then it is necessary for you to complete it before going to start any other thing. This thing will also impress your supervisor. On the other hand, if you write your dissertation without any sequence, then you will not be able to get good grades.
How a dissertation writing service can solve your problems?
As we know about the dissertation that it is like an essay which one shall have to write for a particular aim. If we use the easy techniques in order to write the dissertation then, that will be quite sufficient for us. Not only the easy techniques will solve our problem but also they will save our time. And at the end of the day there will be no ambiguity in our dissertation. These following points will solve your problem in writing the dissertation. These points are given below;

1) Get insight from an Expert dissertation writer
As we know very well on college we were given only those assignments which are short and not quite easy, I mean to say that we can write very easily without any aid of other. But as much as concern to dissertation writing, we will need to get help of any experience person, who might be master in dissertation writing. So by making a cooperative relationship with these people, we can make our dissertation writing easy.

2) Affordable help for your assignment
Nothing is impossible in this world we mean to say that if we spend money then we can easily find a dissertation writer. These people are much expert in their work. They provide us every kind of easiness whatever we want .They provide everything which we want but, the deal is we shall have to pay them for this. There are a lot of people as well as dissertation writing services who are available so, we just have to do a purchase only those whom we can afford.

3) More time to do what you want
Everyone knows that in this world only those people are successful which do their work on time. It means to say that they had a plan of all the things which they do in their daily routine. So from the dissertation point of view, if we divide our time they then that dissertation which requires a lot of time we can make it quite simple and easy. So that will only work, if we make a timetable of everything.

4) If you are determined to achieve your goal
We accept that to write a dissertation is a difficult task, it needs a lot of pain, but if we have the spirit of self determine then we can make our difficult work quite simple and easy. In the beginning we have to face some difficulty but if we become determined to do this then we can achieve anything what we want. Dissertation will be no quite simple if we are self confidence. In this way, you will be able to achieve your goal of writing the dissertation with the help of dissertation writing services. These dissertation writing services will provide you quality written dissertation in affordable prices.

So these are some of the points, sure that can be very much helpful for you. By adopting these techniques, at the end of the day, you will feel yourself easy.
How to Write Comparison Essays with Help of Essay Writers
Students need to understand how to write comparison essays with help of essay writers who are experienced and trained and know how to provide the best assistance to them. There are times when students are given to write essays in which they are asked to compare books, characters or even pieces of literatures and authors and they find it a bit tough as analysis of this kind is not easy. No matter in which part of the world students live or study, working on their assignments is a must and if they have been given to write a comparison essay, they need to make sure they complete this task most effectively to secure highest marks in class. If they think that they are unable to work on such papers as they do not know the technical aspect of working on a comparison essay, it is best they seek help from essay writers who are experts of the field and know how to come up with the most top quality and custom papers just the way they need them. The best thing is that these essay writers are available all the time and can be contacted online too saving students’ time and money as well as their efforts. The only thing that students need to do in this regard is to make sure they find the best essay writers who understand what comparison essays actually are and how they should be done the right way to impress teachers and get highest grades in class. The first and the most important thing that students must know is that when they are assigned comparison essays, they must check out what type of comparison is it, what two things are being compared and what guidelines and instructions the teachers have assigned them. When they will know what needs to be done, they can tell the expert essay writers about what they want. These expert writers always provide best essay writing services to meet your requirements. The writer will use their intelligence and write the papers on basis of the information that they have been offered by the students and all the information should be accurate and good enough for these writers to do a good job on the papers. Students can ask the essay writers to include some points or ideas that they and check out how they have worked so that they can attain highest marks in class. It is necessary that students find the most trained and qualified writers who understand what writing these essays is all about and come up with the most top quality and custom papers to achieve success. When writing comparison essays, it is necessary that students keep in mind their academic tasks and know what teachers want from them. The better essay writers they hire, the better chances they have of securing the most brilliant comparison essays that contain the best analysis, thoughts and ideas and also convey the purpose of writing comparisons which helps students in the long run.
How to Write an Academic Essay
A scholarly paper is a composed exercise students need to finish all together essay online to improve information accumulated on a specific subject. They find out about a theme and afterward express their perspective. Scholarly learning picked up is perpetual and would enable them to comprehend and take care of numerous issues outside school and school. To completely comprehend ideas and essentials, students should consider these composed assignments important. A decent article is an execution marker. Students who perform well in scholastic likewise figure out how to arrange a decent school paper. They figure out how to adjust to standard techniques utilized as a part of drafting an essay. With some training, they additionally figured out how to recognize easy routes and useful strategies that reliably get them high scores. Arrangement strategies ought to shift as students go from a lower level to a more elevated amount think about program. A decent school article would contain more valuable substance than a paper written in school. The change falls into place without any issues for understudies, yet they should know that a more elevated amount of comprehension is to be exhibited in their composed assignments. For instance, MBA understudies would be considered specialists in the field they have had practical experience in. They would aggregate scholarly expositions and coursework on crisp and new points, which would think about cutting edge learning the subject. Assessors are hoping to check whether understudies can produce thoughts and develop hypotheses learned in class. The individuals who prevail concerning doing this can order an extensive proposition on another theme. An easy route can be connected in only three stages. The first is to peruse the essay provoke a few times and comprehend the theme. Relate it to content shrouded in class. On the off chance that that is unrealistic, students can allude to a few books and web sources to comprehend the theme. The following stage is to utilize similar assets to be in contact at a sub theme that is barely centered around only one part of the write my essay At last, utilize the assets to expand on the sub theme. This basic yet intense strategy gives degree to develop any subject.
Dissertation Writing Services Provide Well Structured Dissertation
It is necessary for students to know that they can now seek help from the best dissertation writing services to make their writing task easy and simple when they find it too tough and do not know how to handle it the right way to succeed in class. It is because Dissertation Writing Services provide well-structured dissertation that enables them to come up with a good paper to submit to the teacher. No matter in which part of the world they live or study, working on the dissertation is the most key part of their academic process and they need to work hard and make sure they present the best paper to the teachers to impress them. The main reason teachers assign dissertation writing tasks to students is to see how well they have learned in class and if they are ready to move forward and succeed in life. It is on basis of these dissertations that teachers are able to evaluate the students and grade them on their performance. The better the students write their papers and impress the teachers, the better chances they have of getting good marks in their assessment and getting their degrees on the right time. There are times when students do not know what to do and how to tackle their dissertation writing task as coming up with a well-structured paper is no easy thing and they need to know all about it so that they have better chance of success in class. Working with dissertation writing services gives students a chance to work with some of the best writers who are trained and qualified and understand what type of dissertations students need to present to their teachers. These writers have good experience and they have their special fields of study that enable them to come up with papers that are structured the right way, formatting according to the teachers’ guidelines and instructions and help them succeed in class. Students must know that dissertation writing services are professional and reliable and are working hard day and night to help them in the class. It is on basis of their experience and talent that they are able to provide the best assistance to students and provide them a well-structured dissertation just the way they want them. Dissertation writing services know that students have lesser time and conducting research and writing the paper is not easy for them. They make sure that students understand the significance of a well-structured paper as teachers want to see if the students have followed their advice and written the paper exactly the way they wanted so that they can grade them accordingly too. Dissertation writing services provide well-structured dissertations as they have the best resources and the most advanced writing tools to offer the best assistance to students. This way they are fully equipped to offer all type of dissertation writing service to students without any limitation of time or resources and make things easy for them.
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