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HAMARA BOOK BANK इस मँहगाई के दौर में स्कूल व् कॉलेज की इतनी महंगी किताबे खरीद पाना निम्न व् मध्यम वर्ग के लिए बहुत कठिन हो गया है मेहेंगी किताबे न खरीद पाने के कारण हजारो लाखो बच्चो की पढ़ाई बीच में ही छूट जाती है या वे ढीक से पढ़ नहीं पाते। जीवन में कुछ कर दिखाने के सपने पुरे नहीं हो पाते। हमारा बुक बैंक विद्यार्थियों के इन्ही सपनो को पुरा करने का प्रयास कर रहा है स्कूल व् कॉलेज की पुरानी किताबे जोकि किसी विद्यार्थी के अगली कक्षा या पास हो जाने के बाद बेकार हो जाती है अधिकतर इन किताबो को रद्दी में बेच दिया जाता है। हमारा बुक बैंक घर-घर जा कर इन्ही सेकंड हैंड किताबो को इक्ट्ठा करता है और निरंतर प्रयास करता है कि कोई भी किताब जो किसी विधार्थी के काम आ सकती है रद्दी के ढेर में ना जाये ताकि देश का कोई भी विधार्थी किताबो की वजा से पढ़ने-लिखने से वंचित न रहे जाये। हम सभी इन सेकंड हैंड किताबो को एक नया जीवन देकर विद्यार्थियों की मदद के साथ-साथ देश के लाखो पेड़ भी कटने से बचा सकते है। पेड़ो को कटने से बचाने पर हमें ओर हमारे पर्यावरण तथा विश्व को क्या-क्या फायदे हे ये आप सभी भली प्रकार से जानते है। आज देश का करोड़ो रुपया सेकंड हैंड किताबो के रूप में रद्दी में जा रहा हे ये सेकंड हैंड किताबे रद्दी नहीं ज्ञान का भंडार हे इसकी कीमत वही जान सकता हे जिसे इन किताबो की जरूरत है हमारा बुक बैंक के इस छोटे से प्रयास से आज हजारो बच्चे व् विधार्थी इन्ही सेकंड हैंड किताबो से पढ़लिख रहे है किसी भी विधार्थी को किसी भी कक्षा की कोई भी किताब पुस्तक चाहिए तो उसका विवरण हमे भेजे अगर वहे किताबे बुक बैंक में होगी तो उन विद्यार्थीओ को सेकंड हैंड किताबे निःशुल्क मोहिरया कराई जाएगी चाहे व् देश के किसी भी कोने में हो। विधार्थी अपनी पुरानी कक्षा की किताबे हमारा बुक बैंक को दान में दे कर किसी दूसरे बच्चे की मदद के साथ -साथ आज Google व् Facebook के इस दौर में देश व् समाज में मेहेंगी किताबो की वजह से फैली अशिक्षिता को दूर करने में बड़ा योगदान कर सकता है हमारा बुक बैंक का उदेश्य ही पढ़ो और पढ़ाओ। आप बुक बैंक से किताबे लेकर पढ़ सकते हे और अपनी पुरानी किताबे किसी दूसरे विधार्थी को देकर उसे पढ़ा भी सकते है ।
Babysitter (Novel)
It is a touching story about Venya, a young and caring babysitter whose concept of love includes the whole universe.She faces a baffling crisis when her employer Kamini, a reckless drug addict, simply disappears one fine day, dumping her two year old son in search of ecstasy. As Venya decides not to abandon the helpless kid, her own life goes into a spin but she gears up to forsake everything for what she believes in and loves most. You can read Babysitter at
Ibn 'Arabi "The Enlightened are not Bound by Religion"
Ibn 'Arabi, The Enlightened are not Bound by Religion Author: Kevser Yesiltash, Translate: Pinar Karaman Kaan, Editor: Clare Duman, Paperback: 362 pages, Publisher: Bookcity.Co; 1 edition (August 23, 2017), Language: English, ISBN-10: 1912311011 ISBN-13: 978-1912311019 The mystical teachings of Ibn ‘Arabi, particularly influential in Anatolia, are rooted in a tens-of-thousands-of-years old knowledge attainment and transfer tradition, which is one of the fundamental cornerstones of Sufism. Through his unique method, Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi performed an unparalleled role in conveying the secrets of the Sufi mystical teachings across the generations. The secrets concealed in his teachings are not immediately revealed, and the knowledge they contain is hidden in such language that those who encounter it are often left in a state of shock and bewilderment. Those who strived to understand this language have been able to discover the real meaning hidden within, yet the majority, without making such an effort, took the meaning at face value and accused Ibn ‘Arabi of being anti-religious. The title of this book, ‘The Enlightened are Not Bound by Religion’, is one of Arabi’s notable sayings. To be able to understand just this saying requires knowledge of many subjects of the mystical teachings. Kevser Yesiltash explores the deep of mystical secrets of his saying in the book.
Embracing Victory Over the Storm of Depression
Embracing Victory Over the Storm of Depression   “And they have overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word oftheir testimony” (Revelation 12:11) Most of my life, I have struggled with depression . . . a dark and hopeless place that was numbed by binge drinking when it became too much for me to handle. At the time, I thought it would help ease the pain of the emotional and physical abuse that had occurred during childhood. At an early age, I became insecure, lonely, depressed, and a perfectionist . . . all in the hopes of overcoming, but never overcame. Even after saying “yes” to Jesus, I struggled with binge drinking. Knowing, that I needed help, I began to receive counseling. Unfortunately, within a couple of appointments, I would convince myself that I was okay, only to discover the harsh reality that I was not—a cycle that lasted longer than it should have because of my stubbornness and unwillingness to work through the pain. Working through pain brings healing, but at the time I was not cooperating with God’s healing plan for me. Condemnation and shame consumed me. After all, how could I be a Christian and still struggle like I was? I doubted God’s forgiveness because of the prison I kept myself in. God gave me the keys to break free when I said “yes” to Him, but in my absolute foolishness . . . I did not use them. In essence, I was oblivious to the free gift of salvation He had given me. During my healing process, I have learned that God has a very good sense of humor. At times, when God calls us . . . it can be in the “midst” of our pain and darkness. For it is in the “midst” of things that God shows up in greatness! When He called me to write VictoryEmbraced . . . I was not only cleaning dishes . . . I was still in the “midst” of struggling with depression, which I have discovered is partly due to heredity. However, I now know I have God’s DNA . . . and because of this, I will always be victorious! While collecting testimonies for the book, I began to experience symptoms of PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder), which is a major mental depressive disorder and definitely has a few extra edges than regular PMS, occurring only to 3 to 8 percent of women. I have been told many times that I am quite unique . . . not only in my sense of humor but also in how I process and see things in life. Now there is indisputable evidence that what has been said for years is true! Yep, this definitely proved it . . . not only to myself but also to those closest to me. PMDD usually makes its ugly appearance in women who are in their late 30s or mid-40s. Mine showed up when I was 36. With all the hormone shifts, I also started having simple-partial seizures, which are rarely noticed by others. They begin with a feeling of deja vu  followed by staring that can last a few minutes. In my potential for perfectionism, I happen to have all of the symptoms of PMDD . . . not just the four or five that classify the disorder and help to make a diagnosis. Symptoms of PMDD include anxiety and a feeling of being on edge, memory issues, severe moodswings, crying for no reason, extreme sensitivity to abandonment and rejection, anger and increased conflict with the ones you love, decreased interest in usual activities, feelings of being overwhelmed as well as feeling out of control, joint and muscle pain, weight gain, insomnia, and headaches. Yes, a long list of symptoms, but nothing God cannot handle. Sometimes one month can be worse than another. During the more intense months, I pray for it to be over quickly and at times have felt as if I am holding on to Him for dear life. I have a neurologist for the seizures, which are now under control with medicine. After two years of being seizure free, my doctor can begin lowering the dosage until I am completely off of it. My psychiatrist is to help take the edge off of the PMDD. Through it all, I have the most renowned doctor in the world by my side overseeing things . . . my sweet and precious God. I am learning there are things I can do to help relieve the symptoms of PMDD such as hormone therapy, taking nutritional supplements, antidepressants, exercise, drinking less caffeine. My hardest to follow through on is eating less chocolate, cheese, and carbohydrates. Yes, it is true . . . sometimes chocolate is a girl’s best friend. I have learned that with any disorder—not only in my life, but with others as well—there is hope because God has the power to take any disorder and create order out of a total mess, He can create beauty. And because I have learned the character of God and who He says He is, I have absolute faith that He will provide the avenues for my healing even if that means He balances all my hormones through early menopause. A miracle in itself! I do not put anything past God . . . He can do all things! Being in the process of healing does not mean failure because obtaining victory is a continuous motion of moving forward. We are a work in progress . . . always under construction. With God, seven months of intense counseling has helped transform my life. I have learned to put God first in all I do . . . and to depend on Him for all I need. I am blessed to have a very loving husband who has been supportive, understanding, and patient with me along my journey of Embracing Victory Over the Storm of Depression. VictoryEmbraced has great reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble) Available for your Kindle, Nook, and iBook too. All profits earned from the sale of the book will support the VictoryEmbraced ministry.
promo postcard for first novel
I designed this promo postcard for my first novel, The Sand Dollar, on photoshop.
The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh
My first novel that I self-published on in September 2006. I did the whole process on my own, which involves writing, editing, designing and drawing the covers as well as the promotional material, and marketing. Check out my order page at where you can read a 4-page excerpt from the middle of the novel as well as order a copy, if you are interested.
I'm Thinking About Something In My....
I am currently illustrating and designing a series of alphabet guessing games children's books for Ms. Josette Stanton. The books are based on a reading and guessing game that Ms. Stanton and her beloved granddaughter Sophie played with every chance they got. Each letter of the alphabet begins with the phrase 'I'm Thinking About Something...'. The purpose of each book is identical, in which the child is given several written clues for each letter, and must then find the correct item within the corresponding illustration/design. However, each published book's title and theme is unique, such as 'I'm Thinking About Something in My Refrigerator', 'I'm Thinking About Something Under My Christmas Tree', 'I'm Thinking About Something in My Classroom', 'I'm Thinking About Something in My Garden' and currently in production is 'I'm Thinking About Something in My Aquarium'. Josette's granddaughter so enjoys this game, that she decided to write books so that other children can enjoy the game as well. If you want to enjoy them as well, please visit
From the Shadows
now available on: iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Scribd, 24Symbols, Inktera, Indigo, Angus & Robertson, Mondadori Store and Amazon BUY LINK Amazon: US: UK: Synopsis: If you grew up in an alcoholic home… If you dated guys as evil as your drunken dad… If you never heard a kind word from the people who should love you… Could you change your path? My name is Nikki Rosso. I am scarred, shy, and I am no one but I am about to start a fight against my past in the hopes of finding myself but if I will ever win is a question not even I dare to ask. Nathan Mathews has a past. He is talented, tattooed, and every woman’s dream. However, none ever stayed around for long. I will soon learn why. He is my rock, my only friend, but will he stand by me even as I go against his best friend?
2016 E-books for Sale 100% artist work
Artist trying to get a paycheck for the year 2016 E-books for sale 45% off till Oct. 23rd. Just $11 each
Greetings, Please find our press release below: Press Release: Global Entrepreneur Expo's "Pre-Black Friday Holiday Shopping Extravaganza!" was designed by the visionary and Founder Kimberly Phelps for the purpose of economic empowerment. With the assistance of entrepreneur Kamal Imani, they are effectively bringing the residential and business communities together for positive business exchanges and networking. The theme of this event is "Young Excellence" with awards being presented to servant leaders and local youth. There is always a focus on serving the community and therefore we have partnered with several non -profit organizations. For over 10 years Kimberly has produced positive community and youth based events where vendors were welcome to market and sell their products and services. What better time than the present to enhance her vision with the Global Entrepreneur Expo? This will be an exciting, positive and spirit filled event with dynamic products and services as well as fun activities for the children, fashion shows and live entertainment. The community is encouraged to come out and support their local businesses, community leaders and young people as they share their talents and gifts in hope of enhancing not only economic development but the quality of their lives as well. Please see below for more information: Sunday, November 20, 2016 12:00-6:00 pm Rahway Recreation Center 275 E. Milton Ave, Rahway, NJ 07065 Price: (No Entry Fee) Donations are appreciated. Vendors Welcome! Contact Us @ Follow Us on Twitter!
Einstein's dilemma!
Einstein: "What is Prisma?" Galileo: "I don't know man. Why don't you ask Hawking?" :) Hawking (typing): "... ... ... ... ..." Einstein: :( Galileo: "Please wait" ^_^ Hawking: "... ... ... ..." ✈ Einstein: "How long!?" Hawking: "... ... ..." Galileo: "Give the man some respect Einstein. He is differently abled, but he is really intelligent" >:( Einstein: "I understand..." -_- Hawking (electronic voice): "Sorry I don't know. Use Google" :v Einstein: ? Galileo: 😓
Pearls of Wisdom
Help support my talented friend Pearlie Wallace who is having her first volume of poems published! If you'd like to have a copy of Pearls of Wisdom by Pearlie Wallace, pre-order today for only $14.99. This price won’t last long. Contact me to reserve your copy. You won't be disappointed.
Up your Social Media presence!
Want to get your Social Media attractive and appealing? We are here to help! We manage, post and grow your Social Media presence online to reach out to local and international customers! With multiple package options available, what are you waiting for? Message me or click the link:
3D Color Strokes... Design Studio
3D Color Strokes is a Design Studio. 3D Color Strokes has its focus on the promising future of Graphics & Art Work. This is unique design studio with its all fascinating activities and a commitments towards art is remarkebale. 3D Color strokes is feel, passion and love for art, which brings creative to the art floor.
Kindle Scout Contest
“Let me see if I’ve got this straight,” mused Darlene, Randi's office assistant. “He is so angry at you for invading his privacy that he wants you to pose as his fiancée?” she questioned, her voice growing louder and more shrill with each word. “Am I the only one aware of the proximity and lack of privacy involved in that scenario?” Daydreams and Night Scenes on Kindle Scout. Only 4 days left. Have you read my chapter? Have you voted? Thank you. I appreciate your support.
Authors Lucian Bane & Mason Sabre in association with Sabre Gray & Bane Cover Studio, will be answering your questions via Facebook.....via an audio interview!!! To attend this exclusive event, please complete the form via the below link! Please ensure to read the form before completing. Oooooooo WE HAVE GIVEAWAYS TOO!!! Hope to see you there! Join Us:
Get Demons today written by Ednah Walters! Buy Link:
Free - A Lifetime of 7 Day's
This is a story of transformation of an ordinary man into a living legend of BUDDHA. It is about a mutated mind, a woman in love, and an eternal life with very limited span of time. How a man choose to live forever despite he had only 7 days to live? How the divinity Incarnate of into a common man, and led him to push all the boundaries and limitations of life? How a saint imprinted a message of love and compassion on every living heart? How a woman chose to travel to the end of time for the man she loved?
Suppressionism In Art
Suppression in psychology - is the act of stopping yourself from feeling something? it is generally ineffective because even if you hold back or suppress an emotion like anger, that feeling returns with a vengeance. Suppressionism in art- deep rooted emotion in the conscious or unconscious mind that is released uncontrollably in art. Which clearly exhibits intense emotion, A traumatic trigger exhumes the suppressed emotions, it opens up a portal to the creative side of the brain as an outlet for pain. It's the bodies defense mechanism at work. There is always a very profound story intertwined with the massive amounts of artwork produced. Suppressionism in art is currently being introduced and validated as a new genre of art, as of 2015 by Margaret Grandinetti I welcome feedback and stories of others on this topic
KickStart Campaign : Reality Television Pilots' Kickoff Reality Television ...... There's seven documentary projects that I've written they are, "Tainted Love", "American Firefighters", "Only one Crown", "Host", "I used to be homeLess" ,"The Perfect Suit", and "Street Hustlers" I would like to see them each come to life on the television screen. It's reality based of ordinary folks opening up to share their personal lives with the world. These shows are designed to deal with the different tough issues that they face on a daily bases and fit a program for their specific needs and see how can the crews from each show help them become the family, man or woman their capable of being. The crew members will be shadowing folks on the streets, job, you name it, to get a feel of what their lives are all about. Document their dangers, worries, their struggles one heart beat at a time! There's also a couple shows I've written that has a fun not so serious side to them such as the rap off competition included in the "Only one Crown" television pilot and "Perfect Suit" where good gentleman gets fitted for the right suit for their special occasions. Each show, each episode are different but the main (focal point) goal of each is the same and that is helping real down to earth folks make a turn around in their own lives. These shows will raise self esteem, self awareness as well as stability to each participating cast member. Some of the shows will also be in dedication to those who's fallen while on duty to save others. #Format #Documentary - Style , #1Hour #Series #Stand-Alone #Episodes #RealityTV Risks and challenges It maybe a delay in getting in touch with the right production team. As you know nothing happens overnight. I do plan on working with a production team to put together a film of each television pilot as a sample to show exactly if the show were in actual production, what they would expect to see. Then I will pitch the film to major production companies. Your contribution donations are needed, thanks in advance to those contribute to this fundraiser!
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