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Business and Marketing Group
Business Genre : Design
Business Name : Logo Designerz
We provide graphic designing and web development services to companies around the globe. We have an experienced designing and development team.
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Business and Marketing Group
Company Genre : Content Writing
Company Name : Get Essay Paper is one of the pioneers in the writing field and our high-class work is the reason of the renown.
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Business and Marketing Group
Category : 3D Animation and Visual Effects
Title : Animate Your Brand
Researching for an upcoming project of an animated movie ad for a technology firm in Pakistan, I came to a conclusion after spending over a month on the Internet researching and meeting with marketing analysts and experts that animated advertisements are one of the most effective and adopted tool by businesses nowadays. But after reaching to this conclusion I also came across many brands that are advertising themselves massively on social media and search engines but are not using animation technology in their advertisement campaigns due to which they are lacking behind and their competitors that are not spending the equal amount of money on social media and search engine marketing but are running animated advertisements are getting more feedback and response from their target audience as compared to non animated brands as I call them. This drove me towards writing this article, hoping that it will be able to convey the message and maybe help NON ANIMATED brands to start implementing animation technology in their marketing campaigns. As we are aware that animated ads, short films and movies capture more attention than any other advertisement material out there, fancy characters, special effects and a very creative approach to deliver the message has made it very common for brands to create animated advertisements with a character or characters representing their brand and conveying their message to their target audience. Taking into consideration the fact that big brands such as CocaCola, Pepsi, Apple, Microsoft, P&G, Peak Freans and many more have been creating animated ads since past 30 years and have benefited a lot over the past few years by running these ads on various television networks and on the Internet, it has been proven by a research that today it is necessary for a brand to make sure that the advertisement they are making to promote their products needs to be catchy enough to leave a long lasting impression because the competition in the market is so high that if the advertisement is somehow common and not unique from others on the television or Internet, the audience is bound to forget it and lose the interest in the product hence, the company that spent all the money on making and running the advertisement gains very little out of the investment and the effects of it are short-term whereas, the effects of an animated advertisement lasts for longer periods of time and companies investing in animated advertisements gain a lot out of their investments as well. Brands such as A&W Root Beer, AFLACinsurance, AT&T, Cisco Systems, Comcast, Federal Express and many more top brands around the globe have adopted this medium of advertisement and have owned their own copyrighted characters since decades, now the world has shifted from normal stick and 2d animation to 2.5D & 3D animation and the brands have started to adopt to this change and have started to develop 3D Ads for their target audience, this adaptation is definitely proving to be an effective tool for engaging a vast number of audience and converting most of them into consumers. I will encourage brands that have not yet incorporated animated advertising in their marketing strategies to start using this very effective tool that allows them to have their own distinctive virtual identity and become more prominent amongst their competitors.
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