Christopher Hart
: Christopher Hart
When everything is enabled by artificial intelligence, unemployment is a permanent state of being for millions. Without a way to earn a living, an ingenious idea is devised to turn anyone into a valuable resource by harvesting human brains for qubits, the missing piece in the puzzle that finally made quantum computing an affordable reality. Welcome to Headspace, where you can turn your mind into a goldmine. The first of 6 stand-alone scifi short stories in the OUTMODE series
OUTMODE - a series of scifi short stories
As artificial intelligence finally became smarter than people, humanity entered a new phase of evolution. Outsmarted, outwitted and out-manoeuvred, homosapiens’ place in the natural order was no longer guaranteed. This was Outmode, when the human race slowly headed for the exit leaving technology with cognitive ability to become the dominant species. In a series of short stories set in the near future, mixing science fiction and science fact with a comic twist, we see how A.I. turned human beings into has-beens at the flick of a switch.
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