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Title : Let's Clone It!
Category : Books
Clay Golem is old and has nothing to look forward to in life but his aches and pains. He also suffers from his parent’s hand-me-downs genetics—peripheral-neuropathy and Alzheimer’s syndrome. He finally goes to see his doctor, which he suggests, for him to got to a rehab center. The center turns out to be a secrete cloning institute. Reluctant at first, Clay says, “Hell why not…I’m old, aging and there’s nothing for me to look forward to except heaven’s ‘pearly-gates,’ so let’s clone it Doc! When do we start?” What else is there for an old man to do, but go on the final adventure of his life? Let’s clone it is a humorous look at what is right and what can go wrong. Clay experienced it all. Also with this book, are two other related stories: Genetic Hand-me-downs, and How to create a Golem.
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Category : Books
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