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Title : A Bright Symmetry
Category : Books
A Bright Symmetry is a series of stories set over the course of a year, stories of life, death and rebirth. After more than two thousand years, immortal Scott Madigan was tired of life and its unending struggles. But an archaeological expedition leads Scott to reassess and change his life...though nothing compares to the changes undergone by his lover, Zoe Baird. The seven stories in A Bright Symmetry are… “Only Time” – One year ago – Scott and Zoe travel back to Earth to visit with Scott’s friends, Brynna Alexander and her husband Georges Severin. While they reminisce, Zoe thinks she hears someone saying goodbye to her but can’t find who said it… “A God To Dance With” – Seven months ago - Scott and Zoe are on an archaeological expedition to the planet Stelvra. They were there to investigate the myth of Quérahl-tan, the Stelvran’s Sleeping God. They were hoping to conduct the research before the planet’s unstable political system collapsed. But what was waiting for them in the tomb…and who would pay the consequences… “Being” – Scott begins to come to terms with the aftermath of the events in the tomb, while getting to know the person Zoe had become. The suspicions of the ship’s captain weren’t helping him cope. Then a system failure threatened the whole ship and only one person can help them… “Intermezzo” – Three months ago – Zoe’s condition has been deteriorating and she doesn’t know why. To help find a cure, Scott has to turn to the Science Directorate once again to set up an expedition to distant sector, one that is believed to be uninhabited…or is it… “The Arc of Heaven” – One month ago – Scott contracts Arcadia Ryan, an old friend and independent starship master, to transport him, Zoe and a team of scientists and politicians to Zoe’s home to try and find out what’s wrong with her, as well as study her people and establish relations with them. But Scott hadn’t counted on the Science Directorate having its own agenda… “Circle” – Two days ago – Arcadia brings Scott and Zoe back to Earth so they can tell Brynna and Georges what happened to Zoe. After misunderstandings, Scott finally finds out who said goodbye to Zoe on their last visit a year ago… “…and Forever” – Now – Zoe learns one last secret as the final circle comes to a close.
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