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Title : "Lore: The Old World (Book 3)" by Chad T. Douglas
Category : Books
Thomas Crowe is gone. The maniacal Captain Jack Darcy and the Order of the Blood Moon have taken the crew of the Roatán Butterfly prisoner; The Eight, a secretive band of immortal-killers, are quickly and comfortably seizing control of the British Empire, and Molly Bishop is sailing against her will into faraway waters. In Bombay, the Seventh, a powerful and mysterious woman from Molly’s recent past, waits to double-cross the Blood Moons and turn Molly and her friends over to the Bureau of Immortal Affairs. Molly must now overcome tragedy and despair to keep a promise she made to Tom, and to what end, she cannot be sure. Driven only by hope and a prophecy, she will fight to reclaim her life, her freedom, and, perhaps, even the impossible…
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Category : Books
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