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Title : "The Passion of Baseball" by Bob Wirz
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Bob Wirz has lived out his childhood dream, growing up in a tiny Nebraska town and cherishing a lifetime working in major league baseball. Using humor and sentimentality plus rare photos, he relives many an exciting moment from an unlikely beginning to being involved with the sport's greats in World Series, All-Star Game and Hall of Fame settings. He was the Kansas City Royals' first publicist and chief spokesman for more than a decade for baseball commissioners Bowie Kuhn and Peter Ueberroth, then successfully ran his own sports public relations and marketing company with clients such as Major League Baseball, Little League, the Rolaids Relief Man, IBM, Just For Men haircolor and Baseball America magazine. Wirz also shares the tear-jerking success and near-success stories he has written for many years about players striving for the major leagues through the wilderness of Independent leagues. FROM THE CORNFIELDS of rural Nebraska TO New York City SKYSCRAPERS and baseball’s executive suite, Bob Wirz takes us on a one-of-a-kind journey through his life with baseball. "This book is a look at the journey and experiences of a special man who has devoted his professional life to covering, promoting, advising, and helping others. A tremendous success story" - Tim Mead VP-communications, Los Angeles Angels "One of the many joys in reading THIS autobiography is knowing it CAME from Bob's front row view of nearly six decades in the game" - Scott Reifert SR VP-communications, Chicago White Sox "Enjoy the ride in the company of a man you will come to know as a friend"- Fred Claire, former Los Angeles Dodgers VP/GM author of “Fred Claire: My 30 Years in Dodger Blue” "The Passion of Baseball is a true reflection of how you love our great game" - John Schuerholz VICE CHAIRMAN, Atlanta Braves “A must-read for baseball fans" - Tal Smith former President and GM, Houston Astros
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