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Title : Traveling To Parallel Universes
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During these times, many people are having paranormal experiences, including crossing over into parallel universes (alternate realities) in their physical bodies. This book includes scientific research on parallel universes; the common characteristics of the parallel universes phenomenon; true, real life stories that the author and others have experienced; and a detailed description of what one may experience when traveling to parallel universes in their physical body. This book covers the following topics: - What a Parallel Universe Is - Scientific Research on Parallel Universes - Properties of Parallel Universes - The Energy of Parallel Universes - The Size and Shape of Universes - Duplicate Copies of the Earth in Parallel Universes - Why Parallel Universes Are Created - The Author's Observations in Regards to Parallel Universes - Why People Travel to Parallel Universes - What One May Experience as They're Traveling to Parallel Universes (Energy Adjustments; What One May See; Objects, Animals, & People Appearing & Disappearing; Divine Signs/Synchronicity; What One May Hear; What One May Sense and Feel; Traveling through Portals; Passing through Several Universes; Intersecting Universes/Bleed-throughs; The Ghost Plane; The Past Superimposed over Our Present Time Period; Heaven Superimposed over Our Universe; What Others May Perceive as They Watch Us Traveling to Parallel Universes) - Characteristics of Parallel Universes (What One May Experience Once They're in a Parallel Universe) - The Energy of the Duplicate Earths - Duplicate Versions of People and Animals - People's Careers Being Different - What Others May Perceive Has Happened to Us While We're Away in a Parallel Universe - Continuity - Alternate Histories - People's Memories - “The Mandela Effect” (People Dead and Then Alive Again) - Differences in Languages - Differences in TV Shows - Different Landmarks - Different Records - Non-existent Records - Different Dates For Events - Repeating Events - The Perception of Time in Parallel Universes - Parallel Universes Set in Different Time Periods - The Food in Parallel Universes - The Vegetation in Parallel Universes - Differences in Animals - Electronics in Parallel Universes - Manifesting Our Desires in Parallel Universes - Returning to Previous Universes - A Higher Vibration Version of the 3rd Dimension Earth - Unusual Universes - The Effects of Traveling to Parallel Universes (Effects on the Energy Bodies and the Physical Body, Mental Effects, Emotional Effects) - Healing in Parallel Universes *** Please note that this book is about traveling to parallel universes in the PHYSICAL body (physically crossing over into a parallel universe. For example, a person is walking down the street one day, and they cross over into a parallel universe in their physical body.). *** Please also note that this book is NOT a parallel universes technique book. It is not intended to teach you how to travel to parallel universes yourself. It is a book about the phenomenon of parallel universes and what people have been experiencing in regards to this phenomenon.
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Shillelagh Law
Category : Books
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