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Title : How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness
Category : Books
Description of this book: We have incarnated on the Earth to evolve our consciousness for our soul growth. We are to transcend the third dimension Earth plane and all of the negativity that it entails so that we ascend to higher consciousness, to the fifth dimension and beyond. This book teaches us how to become our divine self (how to reach fifth dimension consciousness), how to maintain a high energy vibration, and how to remain at a higher state of consciousness. This book also provides a list of ascension symptoms and explains in detail what one may experience as they are on the path of ascension. The author also gives a very detailed description of what the fifth dimension Earth will be like and what we will experience once we reach fifth dimension consciousness and once we reach the fifth dimension Earth. This book is recommended to those who want to become their divine self. This book covers the following topics: - What Our Energy Vibration Is and Why We Should Be Concerned About It - What Influences Our Energy Vibration and How To Maintain a High Energy Vibration - How To Become Your Divine Self and Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness - Symptoms of Ascension - What One May Experience Once They Reach Fifth Dimension Consciousness - What The Fifth Dimension Earth Will Be Like
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