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Title : Short & Fun Stories
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Short & Fun Stories, Vol. 1 anthology is designed for the busy person with a few minutes to escape. Within these pages are fourteen of the best writers in the business. You will laugh, cry and shiver, just like with any great novel. The advantage here is that you will get right to the meat of the action, within minutes, without frills. Unlike other short story collections, this one is by several different authors, thus the variety is beyond wonderful, it is awesome! The authors are all successful published writers with many prize-winning full-length novels to their credit. For some, short stories were right up their alley. For others, writing a short story was a new endeavor, but they accepted the challenge and came through with delightful results. Each piece is preceded by a short editorial comment giving you a preview and an estimated duration, so that you can open one that fits your mood and reading time available. Following each story you will find a short bio of the author and an introduction to his/her novels, for your consideration. If you find an author you like, there are easy links to more books by the same writer. We have done our best to see that the contents are acceptable for G (General) or GP (General with parental guidance) readers.
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Category : Books
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