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Title : I'm Thinking About Something In My...
Category : Books
A series of alphabet guessing game children's books written by Ms. Josette Stanton and designed & illustrated by Anthony M. Grimaldi. The books are based on a reading and guessing game that Ms. Stanton and her beloved granddaughter Sophie played with every chance they got. Each letter of the alphabet begins with the phrase 'I'm Thinking About Something...'. The purpose of each book is identical, in which the child is given several written clues for each letter, and must then find the correct item within the corresponding illustration/design. However, each published book's title and theme is unique, such as 'I'm Thinking About Something in My Refrigerator', 'I'm Thinking About Something Under My Christmas Tree', 'I'm Thinking About Something in My Classroom', 'I'm Thinking About Something in My Garden' and currently in production is 'I'm Thinking About Something in My Aquarium'. Josette's granddaughter so enjoys this game, that she decided to write books so that other children can enjoy the game as well.
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