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Title : The Pandemic Preparedness Guide
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REVIEW OF: "The Pandemic Preparedness Guide... is a non-fiction book by Kenneth R. McClelland. The book gives an overview of the different illnesses and situations that could cause a disastrous pandemic. Washing your hands and not standing too close to others are important tips that can lessen your exposure to germs. But what would you do if a pandemic broke out, the country went under martial law, supplies were limited, and the lights went out? The author helps the reader work their way through this question so that if a life-threatening virus were to break out, you and your family could be prepared to survive the harmful consequences. Topics include the common cold, the 1918 flu pandemic, Ebola, bird flu, and more. Overall, the book is written in an accessible manner. The author both expands on common knowledge and highlights what people may not know. The book seems very well researched, going into detail about the science of these diseases as well as their social, political, and economic impacts. There are many external links, but the relevant information from those links are listed right there in the book which I appreciated. At times, there are a lot of numbers and figures thrown at the reader, but that is balanced out by the author's sense of humor and opinions, like criticism of the news media. The book has both Christian (but not overwhelmingly) and American (particularly when it comes to the government) perspectives while also discussing global topics. The book does get redundant at times, but I appreciate that the author usually adds something new every time he returns to the same topic. He accomplishes this by using real-life examples, events, and new stories or by providing enlightening and frightening government documents, laws, and quotes that add further perspective to the topic at hand. It also helps that he is self-aware of that redundancy, really wanting to impress upon the reader that a pandemic is an inevitable reality. The author often urges the reader to become independent, because when disaster strikes you can't just depend on the government to come and save you. Being prepared ahead of time gives you an edge, and you'll be able to save yourself. This includes stocking up on food and ammunition and having an emergency plan in place. Of course, the book goes into much greater depth than that and really makes you consider things you may never have before. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. It's filled with practical advice and useful tips. It also brings up several fascinating notions, such as virtual funerals, bioterrorism, and conspiracies involving the pharmaceutical industry. It's a book that really makes you think and become more cautious when it comes to contact with germs. I would recommend this book to those who are interested in the spreading of viruses and how to be ready when chaos ensues." NOTE: This book is not just for those concerned with deadly viruses, but it's also for most any calamity that might befall us as a nation.
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