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Title : House Flipping & Home Remodel Journal
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With any construction project, one of the keys to success is organization, and the last thing you want to do is carry your project around in a dog-eared notebook or on scrap pieces of paper and post-it notes with crucial phone numbers, measurements, or prices on them. I can just about guarantee that you will lose some of them, and then the hunt begins to try to find the missing information. Well, life doesn't have to be that difficult. Whether you're an experienced house flipper, about to begin your first flip, or perhaps you simply want to remodel your own home, this journal will help you get organized so that you can get the job done efficiently. Beginning with your information; property description; and financial details; you'll then proceed to record the contact information for the various contractors you may need. Next, you'll record the different room measurements that you will need for future referencing and for calculating material needs.For the next step, you will do a walk through of each room, listing what its specific needs are, such as light fixtures, paint, windows, flooring, etc., along with cost estimates for each line item - with another space for writing down the actual costs. As you near completion of the project you will go to each room making a punch list to note what needs further attention before calling the job complete. If this is a house flip - you'll next move into the sales phase where you'll list your total expenses, and list four comps in the area of your property. You'll list your realtor' contact information, the asking price, and the accepted offer, along with the total expenses and profits realized. Once you're all done with the project you'll want to save this journal for future referencing of the contractors you used, so you can recall who you worked well with, and those that you don't want to use again. And lastly, you'll want to retain this for tax purposes... you will be glad you kept this journal.
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