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Title : The Jade Lion
Category : Books
This is a Fairy Tale that's never been told before, about a boy on a 20 year quest for vengeance after his mothers death; the fulfillment of an ancient legend; a bow and sword competition; and his meeting a girl who may get in the way of his plans for revenge.When young Fallon sees his mother and their friends needlessly killed, he vows revenge against the king of the Northern Province whom he blames for their deaths. To help him, an ancient legend has promised the boy two wishes, and he may need them after he meets a beautiful girl who's on a mission of her own; a journey leads the two of them to enter a competition in the courtyard of the king's castle at Shadow Lake. The Jade Lion is the story of bitterness, love, regret, and hope, all tied together with twists and turns that you won't see coming until you're already there. Here is a Sample: "We don't serve no wenches at my inn! But if you've a mind to cook and clean in the scullery, then perhaps I could use the likes a you around 'ere." Keera smiled, her eyes fixed on his and his on her. With a dainty finger she motioned for the innkeeper to come closer, as if to talk privately. A smile was on his face as he leaned across the bar to get closer to her, but the smile disappeared when in one quick motion Keera had his ear in her hand and yanked it hard until his head crashed to the bar where she held him fast. Fear flashed over his face and his eyes closed when she thrust a dagger into the bar with her other hand, only inches from his nose..."            
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