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Title : Another Chicken Story: The Stranger Danger
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This book is a new resource meant to serve as an introduction to the stranger danger discussion between children and their parents, educators, youth group leaders, or child safety program officers. The Stranger Danger message is an awkward subject to bring up to a child, and because of that, many people simply tell their children that they shouldn't talk to strangers. I believe this conversation needs to be addressed with more than just a few words, especially as children become more mobile with each new school year. While you don't want to frighten the child, parents need to say something to help equip them in case someone they don't know should attempt to lure them away with clever words and a smile. The difficulty with this subject is compounded when some say: 'Even though hundreds of thousands of children are ‘reported missing’ each year in America, only about 150 of them are actually abducted by strangers.' *In the UK, the number of children abducted each year is considerably more than this. No matter how well intended, it’s statements like that that have left some parents with the impression that they needn't worry about their children having an encounter with a stranger who means to do them harm. Statistically speaking, the odds are in their favor, but who would want to make that wager? Such statistics won't mean a thing to the children or to the parents of the 115 to 150 unfortunate children who will be abducted this year. Most of those children will be abused, many will never see their families again, and those who do will never be the same again. "Another Chicken Story: The Stranger Danger,” will open the door to this uncomfortable conversation with children, in a non-threatening way. A story that's told in metered rhyme with colorful characters and illustrations, this simple book will afford grownups an opportunity to discuss what children should do if a stranger approaches them and tries to trick them into helping them or into going somewhere with them. It will also provide an opportunity to explain to the child what they should do if anyone, even if it's a friend or someone else they know and care about, tries to get them to do something that they know is wrong or don't feel comfortable about. Much like a fire drill where we teach children what to do in case of fire, children should likewise be equipped with this life saving information - which we all hope they will never need to use. Kenneth R. McClelland
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