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Keith G. Laufenberg was a juvenile delinquent and joined the Marine Corps on his 17th birthday. He served three years and his novel “Semper-Fi-do-or-Die” was written 30 years later. He has been a professional boxer, carpenter, comedian, car salesman, Realtor, mortgage broker, bartender, bouncer, lifeguard, P.I. & Paralegal. He claims to use all these experiences, among others not so easily identified, in his writing(s). He has been writing articles, memoir, poetry, short stories and novels for over four decades and has hundreds of them published in Literary journals and magazines as well as online periodicals. He has one poetry chapbook, seven books of short stories, seven novels, Liberty City-The Play, three volumes of collected plays, four children's books and two screenplays for sale in bookstores and e-stores worldwide. Visit his website
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Phone : 352-686-7570
Address : 8011 Mohawk Trail S.H., FL. 34606
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Category : Books
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