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Title : The Never-Dying Man
Category : Books
Having found Sauvern’s Sword, The Wolf Pack thinks to settle down. Carthinal is married to Yssa and has a daughter, Randa is engaged to Prince Almoro, younger son of King Gerim and all seems quiet. That is until Grnff, the yeti who helped them in the Mountains of Doom, turns up to ask for their aid in finding his kidnapped cub. The friends cannot ignore his cry for help and so they set off to rescue the little yeti. They find she has been captured by trolls for some unknown person. After rescuing her, they are conscripted into the Erian army where they become separated, half of them being taken to Frelli, the capital of Erian. Once there, Carthinal finds the reason the Sword is needed. The truth is stranger than anyone would have thought. They must escape and go to report their findings to the authorities in Grosmer. But this is more difficult than they thought and tragedy results.
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