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RELATIONSHIP OBSTACLES WHAT WE HIDE AND WHY WE LIE Is golden information revealing certain secrets of relationships. It discusses on factors that ruin relationships. It also instructs how to use your opportunity and how to avoid procrastination. It stretches the importance of good characters, which is the priceless secret that creates togetherness. This work is designed to guide individuals on how to study their partner and on the secret stratagem employed by men to choose their soul mate. All information’s contained are link together to help the reader understand the subject matter. This work gives you access into the heads of men, how they reason and how they act. The reader will quickly receive new light and inspiration on how to break through in any relationship venture. This book is highly recommended to all persons in relationship and those venturing into relationship. HERE IS A PREVIEW OF WHAT YOUR WILL LEARN… How family pattern influences your life and relationship. How matchmaking deters your opportunity of choosing your choice partner. How you can avoid the pressure that comes with getting married. How adults can make a good decision and overcome procrastination in their relationship. How adults should dress to attract a better partner. How you can avoid entering blood covenant with any lover. How you can overcome the urge to demand excessive from your partner. How you can stop your partner from taking advantage of your visitation. How you can detect when a relationship is not heading the right way. How to keep your relationship matters secret from the third party. How adults can trust their partner. How you can overcome heartbreak. How you can overcome pride and see other humans being as yourself. How we can avoid nagging and reject wrong emulation. How couples can manage their money and live happily after. How you can relate with a terrible partner. How you can read the intention of your partner for a better relationship. How you can get a flat stomach. How you can manage body odor and application of perfume. How men chose their wives and the manner in which they do it.
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