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Title : Silent Storm of the Birthmark
Category : Books
When she led by the fated birthmark & fell in love, she had no idea that it'd become a silent storm of her life...Because, he was not a human... Silent Storm of The Birthmark (A Romance and Fantasy Novella) by Sadeesha Fernando is a romance and mystery story about a college student named Jina Michel. Jina meets a guy who was a stranger to her eyes but somewhat familiar to her heart on a day when she fell in sick in a road side and that’s where their story begins. Rean Dezlen is the handsome man who stole Jina’s heart leading her to unusual life experiences and forbidden love with him. The mysteriousness of him has made her felt like that she doesn’t belong to this world anymore being the girl for that paranormal handsome creature. But…The scars of their lives and the hidden secrets of their birth and the signs of their bodies would lead them for forgetting everything around them. The birthmark would be the core point of their lives thereafter. And that would be the reason which fate bought to them that they would not to fall in love with each other but to meet and struggle... Will Jina be able to find the secrets behind him and will she be able to solve the puzzle of their mystery romance ever? And, will Rean be able not to fall for her and protect the decision which he has already taken because of the hidden fate of them?
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Category : Books
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