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Title : When a Wolf Sighs
Category : Books
Noke O’Hara is not your average Hunter. She’s not even your average girl. To some who know her, she is unique. To others, she’s a monster. To the enemy, she is the bane of its very existence. There’s more to her power than meets the eye, but will she be able to fully recognize her potential or will fear stop her in her tracks. Her greatest fear? Failing to protect those that she loves. She’s already lost the most important person in her life, and everything seemed to come to a halt, but not for long. There’s hope when she meets young Ally Everson, the spirited daughter of rogue Hunter, Gabriel Everson. She is the first person Noke's age that she's ever met. Ally so desires to be like her father, but he wants her as far away from the dangerous Hunter's life as possible. Noke sees a hidden uniqueness in Ally and it is not long before a friendship is born and an unbreakable bond that forges their fates together. What Noke has yet to understand is how much the world will need her. The enemy is still out there, and its evil is growing. Can she protect her loved ones from it? Can she protect her loved ones from herself? Follow Noke on her epic journey to discovering who she really is and why she is the key to ending this reign of terror.
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Category : Books
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