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Title : Even Braver New World sTaTe
Category : Books
The story is a sequel and a sort of a counterpoint to Aldous Huxley’s classic modernist masterpiece, Brave New World. It takes place seventy-seven summers since that time. The World State has changed considerably, having taken a bio-technological turn towards transsexualism, on the one hand, and technology-provided social communism, on the other. The only place this post-gender and post-capitalist progress hasn’t pervaded yet is the reservation area of so-called Isolated Islands, where Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson were to be exiled at the end of the original book. The protagonist of this story is Bernard’s grandson, Adam Marx, who, being disappointed with his life on the world’s margins, longs for the Mainland. But it looks like his dream can never come true, for there is no place for a naturally born man in a society of biotechnological mutants. Fortunately or unfortunately for him, however, his cravings happen to coincide with an ongoing campaign of one of the ten current World State’s Controllers, who is in pursuit of Its own political as well as personal purposes.
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Category : Books
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