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Title : KickStart Campaign : Reality Television Pilots' Kickoff
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Reality Television ...... There's seven documentary projects that I've written they are, "Tainted Love", "American Firefighters", "Only one Crown", "Host", "I used to be homeLess" ,"The Perfect Suit", and "Street Hustlers" I would like to see them each come to life on the television screen. It's reality based of ordinary folks opening up to share their personal lives with the world. These shows are designed to deal with the different tough issues that they face on a daily bases and fit a program for their specific needs and see how can the crews from each show help them become the family, man or woman their capable of being. The crew members will be shadowing folks on the streets, job, you name it, to get a feel of what their lives are all about. Document their dangers, worries, their struggles one heart beat at a time! There's also a couple shows I've written that has a fun not so serious side to them such as the rap off competition included in the "Only one Crown" television pilot and "Perfect Suit" where good gentleman gets fitted for the right suit for their special occasions. Each show, each episode are different but the main (focal point) goal of each is the same and that is helping real down to earth folks make a turn around in their own lives. These shows will raise self esteem, self awareness as well as stability to each participating cast member. Some of the shows will also be in dedication to those who's fallen while on duty to save others. #Format #Documentary - Style , #1Hour #Series #Stand-Alone #Episodes #RealityTV Risks and challenges It maybe a delay in getting in touch with the right production team. As you know nothing happens overnight. I do plan on working with a production team to put together a film of each television pilot as a sample to show exactly if the show were in actual production, what they would expect to see. Then I will pitch the film to major production companies. Your donations are greatly appreciated in advance.
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