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Title : 7 Vows of Marriage - eBook
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People say ‘marriages are made in heaven’. The author believes that marriage is an association between two families held together by the couple. It is the responsibility of the husband and wife to maintain a healthy relationship between the two families. The author revisits moments of togetherness cherished by our past generations and also highlight how the definition of marriage has evolved over the years. While earlier elders of the family used to finalize a groom for the girl or a bride for the boy in accordance to their respective culture and value systems, the modern era witnesses cross-cultural relationships. Quoting true insights about real couples, the author intends to send a positive message to the readers about keeping the sanctity of marriage, a pure societal institution, alive. It is true that Adam and Eve had committed a sin but marriage is not a sin because it has the assent of the Almighty. The author wishes to express her views on marriage and what she feels about how her dream man . It is a personal take that might not be in consonance with public view . However, it is an appeal to readers to absorb the content with an objective frame of mind.
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