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Title : Stories people love: Short Stories of Crime, Adventure and Love
Category : Books
Stories People Love contains short stories of Crime, Adventure, and Love. 1.A Headmaster's Daughter - When minimal value was placed on education for girls, a passionate young Christian girl finds true love with a brilliant scholar. 2.Travel Dreams of Yesterday - Two young adventurous girls, one with a strict Christian father, take a trip across the world. 3.The Dirtiest of all evils - A thrilling murder mystery that demonstrates true brotherly love. 4. Age Difference - A Love Story. True love knows no bounds but can there be a limit to the age of your partner? The four stories, each different in content, are connected by the common theme of hope. Extract of Editorial Review: It is amazing to see the imaginative mind of the author, Brenda Mohammed, who tells these so true to life tales. These are indeed stories that people will love to read -some fiction and some truthful.
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