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Title : Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka
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How can one man misuse science for revenge? Winner of Best Science Fiction Third Place in SIBA Awards 2017, Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka with its drama and tension will give you goosebumps. You will be dazzled and surprised with the originality of this mind boggling story. You can never guess where the plot is leading. The book, with its many twists and turns, is the complete series of a futuristic story, taking place twenty years in the future. Evil is afoot on the fictional island of Gosh. New technology and scientific breakthroughs in the field of medical science set the stage for the unimaginable in this tale of kidnapping, love, lies, revenge, female robots, a ghost, a deadly virus, sixty programmable zombies, corruption in the police force, and a hero you will love. Zeeka is the villain you would love to hate. Did Zeeka unleash the zombies on a murderous rampage? Is he unstoppable? One man knows Zeeka's secrets. Can he save the Islanders in time? Read an Extract from Readers Favorite five-star review dated September 27th, 2017. Brenda Mohammed's writing style is evocative of the future and she handles the science in her fiction brilliantly: reading is believing! I loved Zeeka Chronicles; it has worldwide appeal for anyone looking for an entertaining story that is different.
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