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Title : The Hilariously Funny 'The Next Door Raghu'
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A sample Excerpt from the hilariously funny and rollicking children's adventure novel based in my home town, Rourkela, 'THE NEXT DOOR RAGHU'. PL READ N DECIDE 4 URSELF IF U WUD LIKE TO BUY THIS BOOK? E book is Rs 63 in India @ $0.99 in US and other parts of the world, available on Amazon Raghu’s parents obviously had some very grand and long term plans and ambitions for little Raghu’s school uniforms, if not for little Raghu himself. His shorts had a waist size that was double his waist. His school uniform half sleeves shirt was long enough to cover him up to his knees, and after donning the shirt, he felt that he did not need to wear any shorts as he was now almost fully covered from head to toe. Raghu was physically plucked out from the ground by Shanti and lowered into his shorts that were four sizes on the higher side. The shorts flopped down on to the ground immediately. Two and a half Raghus would be required, at the very least, in order to just hold up the shorts onto the waist, let alone prop them up like a proper and normal shorts as would be worn by a normal wearer. Then suddenly, Gopal materialized out of nowhere, brandishing an enormously long leather belt that dwarfed Raghu’s slender and petite waist’s circumference by several times, in comparison. Gopal painstakingly wound the belt again and again and again around Raghu’s slender waist, taking care to finely needle it through the slots in the shorts on its every turn around Raghu’s waist. Finally, after three full revolutions and a half, the buckle fell in place and the belt finally managed to secure and keep the shorts on Raghu’s waist. Raghu now resembled a Disco Dancer, complete with oversized and loose sleeved shirt and flared up bell bottom pants, albeit with bell bottoms that were slightly on the shorter side. In the meanwhile, Raghu discovered that he could fully retract his arms completely into the half sleeves of his shirt. He thought out a new game where he would scare the shit out of his friends by pretending to be devoid of hands. Shanti had meanwhile doled out copious amounts of talcum powder into her hands and then proceeded to smother Raghu’s face with it, in a vain effort to make the dark and swarthy Raghu appear to be fair skinned on his first day at school. She labored on, and plastered layer after layer of the talcum powder onto Raghu’s face, to the extent that he now feared asphyxiation. The net result of her efforts was that Raghu’s face had now assumed a shade that was a deathly pale hue and an unearthly grey color. Raghu checked himself out in the mirror and almost jumped out of his skin in sheer terror of the grotesque and hideously disproportionate apparition that glared back at him. He closed his eyes in dismay and dejection. Maybe, his crime of being born into a poor family meant that dejection, dismay, and utter despondency were going to be Raghu’s perpetual destiny and the story of his entire life.
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