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Title : Sarah's Song
Category : Books
5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars By Renee Georgoudakis Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase Beautifully written. It touches the heart, and stirs emotions. It’s the 1940’s, in rural East Tennessee, Appalachian country. For most everyone, there is only work, and possibly church, if there’s one nearby. People rise before the sun is up, work hard, go to bed early, and rest in church on Sunday. Little chance for much else to happen. Right? So, why would keeping one little secret for over sixteen years be so important? What could possibly have happened, that could change the lives of so many people, if the secret were to be revealed? There are only three people alive that know the answer to that question. For now.
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"Legends of Green Isle: The Forgotten Spell" by Constance Wallace
Category : Books
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