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Title : Reflections on Humanity: Personal Commentaries on the Human Condition
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In this candid narrative, the author presents his unique perspectives on the human condition. The text is infused with personal anecdotes and conceptions derived from lessons learned throughout his life. Playfully didactic and poignantly serious at once, his message resonates with an admixture of disillusionment and hope. The author assumes free reign to serve as both a participant and an objective observer of the foibles inherent in being human — specifically, the need and desire to set ourselves “above” others. He points out that this conception is entirely illusory, as humanity pursues its habitual practices of deception, superficiality, and false precepts, favoring acquisition, giving in to addiction, and other self-destructive behaviors. In so doing, we move farther and farther from our Creator. The author emphasizes that only when we commune with our Creator can we be truly free and open to His perfect plan and begin to live authentic lives, separate and apart from the “culture of more.” In so doing, we become more deeply in tune with our true essence and the intrinsic goodness that we were meant to exhibit in all aspects of life. This book is a must-read for those who go through life seeking to encounter TRUTH. Whether or not you agree with the author’s assertions, you won’t regret taking this engaging journey. Along the way, you’ll find some priceless treasures – including yourself.
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