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Title : The Goatman
Category : Books
In the summer of 1983, a young teen named Danny Brent and his two best friends share good times and special moments while enjoying that unique magic of childhood, an all too brief time when anything seemed possible. They also share a chilling adventure that bonds them together well into adulthood. Now, for the first time in almost thirty years, Danny is sharing his secret about what really happened, the story about his brief encounter with the Goatman - a legendary creature that exists on the outskirts of town in a haunted area called Goatman's, how he saved his life, and what happens afterwards. From the author: "The Goatman" is very much inspired by Stephen King's "The Body," which was then made into the brilliant film "Stand By Me." I wanted to capture the essence of what it was like to be a young boy and growing up, spending time with your best friends, a magical time when every day was an adventure and anything seemed possible.
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