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Title : Understand People through their Temperament
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It is a book on temperaments, deals details regarding the ancient Hippocratic temperaments i.e. Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Melancholic temperaments, one of the genuine and authentic classifications of human psyche. We have researched in detail to present a comprehensive picture so that one can easily understand the different characteristics of these temperaments and can employ to live a better life. Knowing the temperament of self and that of others will definitely boost our skill and ability to better our personal and professional life. Moreover in this book we have tried to cover all the aspects of temperaments by analyzing it deeply in different angles and by comparing it with modern physiology, intelligence types, and personality etc. Also at the end part of the book we have provided an easy questionnaire to assess someone’s temperament, some practical advice and remedial measures for each temperament are also mentioned.
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