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Title : My Cyborg
Category : Books
A lonely woman discovers her rock solid foundations may crumble under the weight of deceit and betrayal. That the people she trusted the most, were actually those she should have been wary of. Jenna Asari, a research technician for an exclusive government institution, is tasked with investigating rumours of illegal technology development. Those whisper's debated in near-empty changing rooms, she finds are frighteningly true. And worse yet, she encounters a discarded specimen in an abandoned research facility. A place that to all appearances should be nothing more than a derelict building. When the love of your life is changed beyond recognition, the only thing to do is to fight for what you believe in. Jenna must fight against powers unknown, and agendas that are unclear, to free those who never knew they were imprisoned.
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I Remember Momma, Paperback, Memoir, 2014, by Victoria Malyurek
Category : Books
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